Ditto’s bi-weekly update – October 11, 2019


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It’s time for Ditto’s bi-weekly update!

What we’ve been up to the past 2 weeks

Continued social media and community outreach, ensuring Decred is part of the latest DAO conversations as well as any news and conversations about blockchain governance. Twitter has been on fire lately!

Secured an interview for Jake Yocom-Piatt on Brave New Coin’s The Crypto Conversation Podcast — one of Jake’s best performances yet. He discussed privacy, Decred’s history, and even dabbled a bit in American politics. https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/podcasts/decreds-privacy-flow-building-a-better-bitcoin-and-the-legend-of-satoshi

Secured an interview for Luke Powell on The Daily Chain podcast, where he eloquently explains the hard fork problem on Bitcoin. https://anchor.fm/thedailychain/episodes/Decred—a-Bitcoin-Hedge-e5rhmt

Secured an article in Crypto Briefing in which Jake Yocom-Piatt discusses EOS governance and Decred’s voter turnout. https://cryptobriefing.com/eos-governance-ico-settlement/

Secured two speaking engagements for Jake Yocom-Piatt at the Voice of Blockchain conference in Chicago. He gave a solo presentation called “Why Direct Sovereignty & Multi-Stakeholder Inclusive Governance Will Last,” and was on a panel called “The Decentralized Grant & Funding Process”, moderated by Celia Wan of The Block and staffed by Jake, Greg Forst fo Go Immutable, and Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin (not to be confused with Bitcoin).

Hung out with Akin Sawyerr at a Ledger event in NYC, where he did a great job representing Decred. We noticed at the event that almost everyone knows Decred — at this point, it’s a matter of clearing up misconceptions and explaining Decred’s technology.

What we’re doing in the next 2 weeks

Pushing hard on the topic of DAOs, since DAOs featured so prominently at Devcon and are being discussed by all the crypto outlets. We’ll be pitching mainstream tech journalists on the trend towards DAO (namely, the concept of an anonymous workplace).

Drafting a piece of op-ed content on the concept of a DAO.

The Educational Resources Repository is so close! It’s complete, and we’re now working with the relevant community members to get it published online. This has been a huge effort that’s central to our communications efforts for newbies, and we’re excited to finally get it up and running.

Continuing to identify timely news hooks to insert Decred into conversations about governance. Continuing to keep the community engaged on Twitter by identifying conversations to join.

Reaching out to reporters attending Evolv in Las Vegas for potential interviews with Akin Sawyerr, who will be speaking at the event.

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