Broker on cryptocurrency's at WTIP


looking for a broker to buy and trade and exchange cryptocurrency’s for a gaming project, a split pot gaming project. the are two cryptocurrencies for the project, and another for a different business to sell after.
even though the are 10% commissions on sales, you can add your own fees into your sales and also buy the market and sell at higher prices and maximize you profit for your efforts. you can use telesales, marketing, or familiarity consultations.

the broker must buy into the market and either manage accounts for others with their data saved on sticks or send the information to them with the data on, or transfer the assets directly to their personal account over the screen.
however to have the information must have the wallet address sent to and how much for and should match up to the blockchain information.
also at some point if the clients try and put their cryptocurrency on the market may have to switch to transferring money OTC, unless you are comfortable with just selling and making from your own build in fees, as currently everything is free floating, but the 10% stops when they are not the cryptocurrency i’ve listed for sale at the price i’m asking for, which may cause a problem because then i’d become a intermediary broker that you’d have to negotiate with yourself, and that means you’d have to charge your clients higher prices, this is why you should build in your own fees for if you are very good you can make this a job full time for yourself, in the future i’ll spend some resources on getting a independent site to exchange the cryptocurrencies, so individuals can trade with a higher percent like a site similar to bitcoin local.


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