Canadian University Offers Graduate Training in Blockchain Tech

Canadian-based University of British Columbia (UBC) has announced a blockchain and distributed ledger technology training program for master’s and PhD students. UBC...

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Crypto Exchange and Custodian Smart Valor Goes Live in Switzerland

With $3.25 million in new funding, Smart Valor says it's launching the first regulated bitcoin exchange in crypto-friendly Switzerland.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse talks about Libra

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse joined CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about Facebook’s digital asset Libra.

Brad spoke about how Facebook’s newly introduced Libra will bring a lot of exposure to blockchain technology and the phenomena of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, he also pointed out a few flaws. He referred to the “Silicon Valley arrogance” that was reminiscent as Facebook tries to dominate the whole market. 

He further added : 

“I think the conversation with regulators for Facebook started some time ago. And I think they had heard loud and clear some of these reservations. Also, I don’t think they took the time to address some of them.”

Brad also claimed that “the future of payments and money is shifting”. 

Brad says that he is heartened by the positive comments from the congressional hearings about Facebook’s Libra. The committee members are supportive of payments innovation and blockchain in the US, but they are that Facebook is the right agent due to the history of broken trust. This discussion is very important for the growth of the crypto industry. 

Garlinghouse stated that Congressman Patrick McHenry saying ‘Whether or not Facebook is involved, change is here. Cryptocurrencies exist. Blockchain technology is real.’

Brad also claimed he agrees with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has issued a warning about new digital assets like Libra and the dangers of unregulated currencies.

“In order for these technologies to be used well and to be taken advantage of, it has to be done in a regulatory. We can’t expose more risk – whether it’s terrorism financing, whether it’s money laundering. Further, he compared Libra with XRP saying, Ripple has really been focused on making sure we’re partnering with the existing system.”

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Cryptoeconomics 101

In this episode featuring cryptocurrency venture fund founder Nick Tomaino , you will learn:

  • What ‘cryptoeconomics’ is, and why it matters to the ecosystem
  • The history of decentralized systems including Kazaa and Bittorrent, and why the lack of cryptoeconomic systems stifled them from thriving
  • How Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Ethereum protocol, is pushing the bounds of cryptoeconomics
  • How crypto monetary policy influences the trajectory decentralized networks

Korean Community Moderator (Part-Time Contract) at Jibrel Network

Note: If you are not a native speaker of Korean, please do not apply to this role. Overview: Jibrel is hiring for an hourly contractor position as Community Moderator for Korea. The position can be remote. The company is looking for someone who is a *native* speaker of Korean, with good writing skills, some basic marketing chops, and a passion for crypto. Jibrel is a promising and fully funded international startup focused on developing blockchain solutions for financial services. Jibrel currently provides both, business-to-consumer and business-to-business offerings. The company also assists clients in integrating blockchain technology into their enterprise infrastructure, with the aim of simplifying, streamlining and optimizing internal processes. Jibrel has a very experienced development team with a track-record of building enterprise solutions. In addition, Jibrel’s business team has a strong record of working with Tier 1 financial institutions across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Requirements * Native speaker
 of Korean * Proficient in English (must be able to communicate with an English-speaking team) * Social media experience (Kakao, Naver, Telegram) 
 * Experience building and moderating a community 
 * Demonstrated background / interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain 
 * Strong writing skills 
 Core Duties * Post content across Korean social media 
(Kakao, Naver, and related) * Engage community through contests, webinars, etc. 
 * Measure success of social media efforts, and optimize based on data
 * Respond to customer support tickets and coordinate with tech team on issue resolution
 * Conduct regular audits of copy / content across Jibrel’s media (websites, apps, social profiles) to ensure their quality
 * Translate articles on Jibrel, and on cryptocurrency/blockchain topics
 from English into Korean

Bakkt launches bitcoin futures trading

On 22 September, the operator of the New York Stock Exchange launched the Bakkt crypto trading platform, which offers bitcoin futures with physical delivery.

Coinbase tells you if top holders are buying or selling a crypto asset

Coinbase is taking advantage of its significant user base to give you more information about trading behavior and price correlation. Given that there are now 15 cryptocurrencies on Coinbase that you can trade, the new features should provide some signals.

In addition to price and variation information, you can see what Coinbase customers with large balances are currently doing. You get a buy/sell percentage for each asset.

Behind the scene, Coinbase looks at users with a Coinbase balance in the top 10% for that asset. The exchange then counts how many users in that pool have increased or decreased their positions over the last 24 hours. The signal is updated every two hours.

Coinbase is also calculating two other data points — the average hold time and the popularity of each asset. This time, the company relies on the entire Coinbase user base to tell you how long people keep a specific asset before selling it or sending it to another address.

Unfortunately, when you transfer your assets to a hardware wallet or a more secure wallet, Coinbase considers that you’re no longer “holding” that asset because it’s no longer on your Coinbase account.

Finally, Coinbase is looking at price data to find out if prices of multiple assets are correlated. For instance, if Crypto X and Crypto Y have a correlation of 0%, it means that they have no relationship. A negative correlation means that two assets move in opposite directions. This feature could help you build a more balanced portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Andreessen Horowitz launches free crypto startup school

Last month, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) general partner Chris Dixon announced at TechCrunch Disrupt that the VC firm would run a free crypto startup school. And the company is officially launching its school today. Applications are now open and you have four weeks to apply.

With this initiative, a16z wants to democratize cryptocurrencies. Dixon and the a16z team has been involved in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space for seven years, and the firm now wants to share some of its learnings with entrepreneurs.

This way, it could give a boost to the crypto community, which could create investment opportunities for a16z down the road — a16z says clearly that participating in the crypto startup school doesn’t mean you’ll receive an investment from a16z. It also positions a16z as a thoughtful investor when it comes to crypto startup investments — not just for participants of the crypto startup school but for the crypto community at large.

The a16z Crypto Startup School will be a seven-week program that starts February 21, 2020. The program is free and a16z doesn’t take any equity.

Lectures will take place in Menlo Park, so you have to be based in Silicon Valley or willing to spend a couple of months there. And because a16z knows that it can be challenging to move to another country just to attend this program, the firm will also be recording all lectures. Anyone will be able to watch videos and download curriculum materials later.

Here’s a sneak peek of the course outline:

  • What are Crypto Networks, and Why Do They Matter?
  • Blockchain Computing Primitives: Cryptography and Consensus
  • Overview of Application Development Tools
  • Applications: Today and 2025
  • Crypto Business Models
  • Cryptoeconomics
  • UX, Product Development and Security
  • Go-to-Market Strategy and Developer Relations
  • Community Participation and Governance
  • Regulatory Landscape and Considerations
  • Guide to Fundraising

As you can, it’s a mix of lectures purely focused on cryptocurrencies as well as broader startup 101 lessons (fundraising, go-to-market strategy, etc.).

The program is looking for 20 to 25 teams, which should represent approximately 40 participants. You should have prior experience when it comes to building software products, but you don’t need to be a crytpo expert. Participants can expect 12 to 15 hours of lectures, workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities per week.

At the end of the course, participants will showcase a project idea or a prototype during a demo day.

Community Manager (Russian) at SnapEx

SnapEx: A global-based derivatives trading platform for digital assets headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Beijing, Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia. SnapEx aims to create a world-class product that makes cryptocurrency contract trading accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime. SnapEx trading platform was officially launched end of last year, with many features, improvements, and exciting projects slated to launch in 2020. The blockchain industry is moving ahead at breakneck speeds, and SnapEx is rapidly expanding into other regions with the goal of creating a quality product and service of international standards. Our organisation is aggressively looking to grow our presence globally, and we are looking for a dynamic and confident individual to join our team in different parts of the world. If you are passionate about tech and/or trading, love the hustle in this fast-paced industry, willing to go the extra mile every now and then, you might just be the person we are looking for! Responsibilities: - Be the face for Russia and the region - online and offline - for SnapEx. - Ability to perform ad-hoc translations from English to Russian with quick turnaround time. - Identify business opportunities within the specific region for offline outreach. - Pitch SnapEx to new clients and maintain good working relationships with new contacts - Communicate new product developments to affiliates. - Manage KOLs in the specific region and be the channel of communication between them and SnapEx. - Management of community, moderation, support and social media platforms - this includes, but is not limited to Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Meetup, LinkedIn, BitcoinTalk, Discord, etc. - Monitor all assigned social media channels (Slack, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, various forums, etc.) - Provide the Community with help, information and progress updates. - Keep a non-stop, two-way flow of information and feedback between the Community and the Management. - Work closely with Marketing and Business Development on preparing and seeding compelling content. - Facilitation of offline and online content and experiences for community members through coordination with other marketing team members. - Understanding of good “brand voice” and how to communicate it - online and offline. - Ability to work cross-functionally to monitor and elevate customer feedback from different channels to the appropriate internal team. - Willingness to coordinate bi-weekly meetups in Moscow, Russia and serve as a liaison between this project and other partner communities. Desired Skills & Experience: - Located in Russia - At least 1-2 years experience in working remotely as a community manager. - Minimum of 2-3 years in marketing-related roles. - Knowledge of trading, cryptocurrency or fintech is essential. - Self-motivated and willing to work full-time, even in a remote position. - Strong writing and verbal communication skills in Russian and English. - Familiar with social media including but not limited to Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. - Experience in community management, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing management. - Good interpersonal skills and a natural people-person. - Strong negotiation skills is a plus. - Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series). - Meticulous and have a keen eye for details. - Ability to multi-task in multiple disciplines. What You Get in Return: - Competitive pay in either fiat or crypto. - Work remotely and autonomously anywhere in Russia. - Join an exciting start-up with a big goal of making headways in a revolutionary, multi-billion dollar industry. - Be part of the founding team and have your voice heard. - Work among friendly and dedicated team members, with remote teams scattered across the world. - Be part of a growing international start-up with a lot of growth opportunities and career advancements. *SnapEx is an equal opportunity employer. *Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. *Write "Trading is a snap" in the first line of your application, cover letter or resume. So we will know that you have read this job post thoroughly.

What is an ERC20 Token?

The phrase ERC20 Token is all over the media these days thanks to the Initial Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO) craze. Unfortunately, it is rarely explained, which can make things very confusing for investors.

Every cryptocurrency investor should know what an ERC20 Token is because they are the basis of ICOs and much of the growth in altcoin prices.  It is the growing number of ERC20 ICOs entering the market that has been driving up the price of Ethereum (ETH).

The easiest way to think of an ERC20 Token is that it is a cryptocurrency designed to be compatible with Ethereum. Ethereum is both a cryptocurrency and a blockchain operating system that a wide variety of applications can function in. An ERC20 Token is simply one of the applications that can operate in Ethereum.

ERC20 Means Ethereum Compatible

This means that the Token will work with solutions and applications built in Ethereum. That includes Ethereum blockchain platforms and marketplaces for equities and commodities, smart contracts, and operating systems for devices like robots.

It also means Tokens can be exchanged directly for Ethereum (ETH) or Ether cryptocurrency. That means it can be sold and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is why some tokens built on the WAVES platform, such as Prime-Ex’s PEX have been converted into ERC20 in recent months. It is also why, which held an ICO for a WAVES Token last year, is planning a second ICO for an ERC20 token in April.

The greatest advantage to Ethereum is that it can be easily converted into Bitcoin (BTC) and fiat currencies. That means people can spend money generated in Ethereum in the real world. Most altcoins still cannot be spent outside of a few platforms.

What Makes a Token ERC20?

Technically a token is an ERC20 if it meets a specific protocol standard called ERC20 – hence the name ERC20 Token. The protocol is designed to make the token highly compatible with Ethereum.

“Similar to how the HTTP protocol defined the internet, ERC20 is a protocol that defines a set of commands that a token should implement,” James Seibel wrote at Medium. “ERC20 is not a technology, software, or piece of code. It is a technical specification. If a token implements the spec, it is an ERC20 token.”

“The ERC20 protocol standard contains basic functions that any useful token should implement to enable trading,” Seibel added. “These include transferring tokens, inquiring the balance of tokens at a certain address, and the total supply of tokens.”

All an investor really needs to know is that the Token is ERC20. Unfortunately, that determination can be hard to make.

An ERC20 token uses the Ethereum blockchain to process its operations. All transactions happen through the Ethereum network. An ERC20 token does NOT have it’s own blockchain; it runs on the Ethereum blockhain. Most dApps are ERC20 tokens.

How to tell if a Token is ERC20

Determining if a token is ERC20 is often far harder than it should because of the way many ICOs are presented to the public.

Ideally, those behind the ICO should say if their token is ERC20 at their website, Telegram, Facebook page, and other places. Sadly, a lot of companies fail to do that and make investors guess.

There are some ways to tell what kind of token is being issued. The first is to read all the material the people behind the ICO put out. This material is often inaccurate because it is often written by freelancers that know little or nothing about cryptocurrency. To add to the confusion, some of it is very badly written.

Some ICO webpages will not even tell you what the token is called. Others will have the wrong dates and other misinformation. Generally, you can figure out what is going by simply reading the page carefully. Be prepared to read the material over several times because the important details are often buried under mountains of hype and technobabble.

If you see the words Ethereum, or Ether, or the acronym ETH, there is a good chance you are dealing with an ERC20. Beyond that you can always check out the media coverage of the ICO. Google and other searches should turn up news articles, press releases, and other media coverage that may reveal important details left out from the ICO page.

Another method to try is to go to Coin Market Cap. If the token is already on the market it should be traded there. Simply type the Token name into that website’s search feature. Coin Market Cap provides the Ethereum (ETH) value for ERC20 tokens, if no ETH value appears it is not an ERC20.

Finally, you can just ask the folks behind the ICO. Simply send an email or reach out them on Telegram or Facebook and ask “is this an ERC20 Token?” Since most ICO issuers are anxious to attract investors they will probably respond.

What are the Advantages of ER20 Tokens?

Developers and entrepreneurs like ER20 Tokens because they are compatible with Ethereum – which is the most popular blockchain operating system or standard.

Ethereum is the most widely used method for building blockchain based solutions. It is also very used because the tools for building Ethereum solutions are readily available.

The organization behind it; the Ethereum Foundation, even offers what amounts to a build your own cryptocurrency kit at its website. The website offers visitors the chance to “create a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of membership or anything at all.”

Developers have the option to create a tradeable token with a fixed solution, build a central bank that can issue money, and even offer a puzzle-based cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are only one example of the many decentralized applications (DApps) that can be created with Ethereum. Others include the extremely popular smart contracts, digital robots (digibots), operating systems for machinery, and even artificial intelligence (AI).

This flexibility has attracted many of the largest corporations in the world to Ethereum. Two large consortiums of corporations, and other organizations have been formed to use such apps. They are the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and the Hyperledger Project.

Members of these groups include: British Petroleum (BP), Credit Suisse, ING, Intel, JPMorgan Chase, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, MasterCard, Samsung, Bank of New York-Mellon, Banco Santander, American Express, Accenture, Airbus, IBM, Cisco Systems, Daimler (Mercedes Benz), Lilly, Wells Fargo, UCLA, and Thomson Reuters to name a few.

Why ERC20 Tokens are so popular

Finally, ERC20 Tokens can be easily converted into Ether (ETH) which is the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin (BTC). On February 18, 2018, Ethereum had a market cap of $92.295 billion, more than double Ripple’s (XRP) market capitalization of $44.517 billion on the same day.

Many investors prefer ERC20 Tokens because they know that they can be converted into Ethereum (ETH) which is worth something. Persons seeking value in altcoins should search for ERC20 Tokens.

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CFTC says ETH is a Commodity, and ETH Futures are Coming Soon

CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert stated that he believes Ether (ETH), better known as Ethereum, is a commodity. He also thinks that ETH futures will come soon.

Importantly he also noted that he agrees with the SEC that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities and that the CFTC is working with the SEC on crypto related matters.

He also said a number of other things including saying that forked coins should be treated the same way as their underlying assets.

You can get the full story at Yahoo! Finance. See: CFTC says cryptocurrency ether is a commodity, and ether futures are next.

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Examining Australia’s Updated Regulations for ICOs and Crypto Trading

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) on May 30, 2019 published an updated guideline for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency trading. These new guidelines...

How to Swap Coins & Tokens on ZIL, GTO, EXCL, KIN, PHX Blockchain

Lately coins and tokens started swapping blockchains, for example, moving out of Ethereum to Binance Chain or own chain. Here is a guide to swap coins and profit of Zilliqua, Gifto, ExclusiveCoin, Red Pulse Phoenix and KIN made by KIK.

What a Swap of Blockchain ?
Pretty much an act of exchanging one thing for another just like in real life. But on blockchain sometimes numbers change (ie swap is 1:10 or 10:1 of coins) and technology changes below. Currently … Continue Reading

Russian Region Yugra to Launch Blockchain-Enabled Tourism Platform

The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra,  a federal subject of Russia, will launch a blockchain-enabled tourism platform, major state-owned media outlet Tass...

China Leads World in Tether Trading Volumes in 2019

Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate 60% of all stablecoin tether (USDT) trading globally, according to an analysis by Diar on June 3.According to...

How Justified Is the Exuberance Around Apple’s Developer CryptoKit?

Yannick Sierra, security engineering and architecture manager for Apple, opened up the cryptography session at the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and presented the CryptoKit with these words:Welcome to the bitcoin session! (Laughter...


Could the Bitcoin Price Possibly Break $50,000? The Bulls Say “Yes”

Bitcoin Price Surge
Even the most bearish on Bitcoin (BTC) must have known that it would make some manner of recovery.

Following its devastating fall in 2018, Bitcoin is beginning to mount a comeback, more than doubling its value since its lowest point in late 2018. But just how high can the Bitcoin price climb? To some, that number is $50,000.

Some traders believe that the cryptocurrency can soar to this new all-time high, and are betting a lot of money on it in certain corners of the Internet. (Source: "Could Bitcoin Hit $50,000? In Wild.

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Beaxy Launches Crypto Trading Platform Despite Hack Last Month

Beaxy has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency trading platform on June 11 in a press release shared with Cointelegraph.In the release, the...

Congressman Asks Difference Between ‘Bitcoin, and a Sh*tcoin" – To Point Out Which One Facebook’s Libra Sounds Like…

We're fans of Congressman Warren Davidson, as he's shown himself to be a leader among the alarmingly small group of lawmakers who actually understand what they're regulating when it comes to emerging tech, like cryptocurrencies. He's also the co-author of some smart, pro-economic growth cryptocurrency regulations.

Questioning CoinShares chief strategy officer Meltem Demirors he asked "A lot of people in this space will use a phrase that you may be familiar with: 'there's bitcoin, and then there's shitcoins - are you familiar with that phrase, and what people might mean by that?"

The reason for asking - to point out that Bitcoin, with no central authority, is less vulnerable to interference as no one can filter bitcoin transactions, or make unilateral decisions that would effect the entire market.

The opposite of Libra, so, I guess we know what that means.

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This Week in Crypto: Ripple Injects XRP Ecosystem, Dallas Mavericks & Bitcoin, Bakkt On Its Way

This Week In Crypto is a weekly segment from the Live Coin Watch News team, providing readers with a fun, succinct, and pertinent summary of the most important Bitcoin-related events in the past seven days. 

This Week in Crypto

  • Bakkt Cleared by CFTC, Will Launch Bitcoin Futures in September: That’s right folks, Bakkt is finally ready to (fully) launch its Bitcoin futures contract to the world. Announced via a surprising blog post on Friday, the cryptocurrency exchange, which has been backed by players like the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft Ventures, and Starbucks, has received NYDFS and CFTC — the two financial regulators involved in such cryptocurrency vehicles — clearance to offer its physically-deliverable Bitcoin futures to clients. The prominent startup is eyeing a September 23rd launch date. This announcement may do much for the growth of the space.  Fundstrat Global Advisors claims that there is “institutional anticipation” for the product. Sam Doctor of the research firm added in a note that there “appears to be a critical mass of adopters ready to come on board on Day 1 of the Bakkt launch”, noting that the firm’s sales team is starting to ramp up discussions with everyone from brokers and market makers.
  • IRS Continues Crypto Crackdown… And It’s Not Done Yet: The Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. has continued its crackdown on American crypto investors, recently issuing yet another round of letters. The letters, according to CoinDesk, were sent to those that the IRS believes are skirting taxes on cryptocurrency trades. This comes shortly after the tax agency sent a preliminary warning to thousands of Coinbase users. A slide deck leaked on Twitter suggested that the IRS is likely to only expand its cryptocurrency-related collection efforts.
  • Coinbase Picks up Xapo’s Institutional Custody Division: According to Fortune, Coinbase has acquired Xapo’s institutional custody business. for $55 million, outbidding Wall Street’s Fidelity Investments It isn’t clear if any of Xapo’s employees or executives will be jumping ship. But, it has been confirmed by a source that a “majority of Xapo’s largest clients” will be transferring their assets to Coinbase’s custody unit, which now owns over 514,000 BTC — wow. It is important to note that with this deal, Xapo isn’t leaving the crypto custodian business. Far from, in fact. Speaking with Fortune, Casares has stated that it will still have control over its famous Swiss vault, which he claims will be used to store Bitcoin on behalf of Xapo’s retail clients.
  • Binance US
  • Ripple Injects Millions Worth of Crypto XRP Into xPring Ecosystem: The Ripple-backed accelerator Xpring has granted Coil, a web monetization platform, a one billion XRP grant. Coil will purportedly use these funds to help the platform spawn an ecosystem of people to use the platform.
  • UK Advertising Authority Lambasts Bitcoin Exchange BitMEX: The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently began a campaign against popular Bitcoin exchange BitMEX. The point of contention is an ad that BitMEX pushed to The Times in January of this year, which included a chart of the Bitcoin price over time. The watchdog believes that the company didn’t properly use a logarithmic graph. Bizarre, right?
  • Huge — Dallas Mavericks to Accept Bitcoin Through BitPay: Despite the fact that it may be just a PR stunt, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, owned by Mark Cuban, will now be accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for game tickets and merchandise. Announced via a press release on August 13th, the Dallas Mavericks has become the second team in the NBA to directly accept Bitcoin. Per the release and tweets posted by those involved in this sudden move, BitPay will be the payment processor in this move. The Mavericks is the second Bitcoin-friendly NBA team. The first NBA adopter of the cryptocurrency is the Sacramento Kings, who famously began to accept Bitcoin for certain products, including tickets, back in 2014.
  • South Korean Social Media Giant Kakao to Launch Crypto Wallet: Pro-blockchain social media giant Kakao, which is the firm behind South Korea’s most used messaging application, will be launching a crypto wallet later this year. This project has been hinted at for months. It is currently unclear what the wallet, dubbed “Klip”, will do and what crypto assets it will support.
  • New Zealand Legalizes Bitcoin Salaries: New Zealand cryptocurrency industry members are now legally allowed to be paid in digital assets, with certain restrictions. You (especially if you’re someone involved in the industry) might be asking, “why does this need to be legalized/clarified?” Well, according to the new New Zealand Inland Revenue Department bulletin, it will allow companies to deduct income taxes using the current pay as you earn framework.

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uBUCK Signs Agreement for Strategic Commercial Relationship with Deltec Bank And Trust Limited

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LiteLink Technologies Inc. (“LiteLink”) (CSE:LLT)(OTC:LLNKF)(FRA:C0B), a key player in logistics platforms and payment solutions, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary uBUCK Technologies SEZC (“uBUCK” or the “Company”) has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Deltec Bank & Trust Limited (“Deltec”) to sell uBUCK prepaid debit cards from the uBUCK platform to banks and investment account customers at Deltec. Through this strategic commercial relationship, Deltec will also integrate and market the uBUCK prepaid debit card into Deltec digital wallet and exchange relationships, as well as private banking contacts.


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Bakkt to Launch Institutional Bitcoin Custody Services

Bakkt, the crypt subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange, has announced that it will begin holding the Bitcoin assets of its institutional investors, which was one of the most sought-after services of the platform prior to its launch in September.

Launch of Bakkt Warehouse

Upon launch, Bakkt initially only offered custody services to customers who were trading its Bitcoin futures contracts but has now received approval from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) to store all Bitcoin assets of its customers in the “Bakkt Warehouse.” Pantera Capital, Galaxy Digital, and Tagomi have already signed on ...

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CME Options Are Coming

CME Group announced options on its Bitcoin futures contracts will be available for trading starting Jan. 13, 2020, pending regulatory review.

In short this means two things:

  1. People will be able to trade options on CME’s Bitcoin futures, which will give all current futures traders access to options as well.
  2. Jan. 13 is the deadline pending regulatory review. From past experience, that means this date could easily be pushed back.

Read the official press release “CME Group Announces Jan. 13, 2020 Launch for Bitcoin Options.”

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All Chinese Crypto Leaders Need To Prove They Are Not Hypocrites

cryptocurrencies are about giving power to the people and fighting centralization. There are a lot of chinese leaders in the crypto space such as VeChain CEO, Binance CEO, OKEx CEO, NEO CEO and many many others. They should be forced to answer the question whether they support Hong Kong protesters or if they support Chinese government.

This is extremely important because Chinese government is literally the symbol of 21st century "centralization" where everybody who oppose them gets crushed and slaughtered. So, if all these so-called leaders in the crypto space support Chinese government, that means they are hypocrites. How can you support decentralization while you support the biggest centralized evil entity in the 21st century?

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A Chinese digital currency is the real threat, not Facebook's Libra | Kenneth Rogoff

Western governments need to start thinking about their response to currencies they cannot control

The Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, was at least half right when he recently told Congress that there was no US monopoly on regulation of next-generation payments technology. You may not like Facebook’s proposed Libra (pseudo) cryptocurrency, Zuckerberg implied, but a state-run Chinese digital currency with global ambitions is perhaps just a few months away, and you will probably like that even less.

Perhaps Zuckerberg went too far when he suggested that the imminent rise of a Chinese digital currency could undermine overall dollar dominance of global trade and finance – at least the large part that is legal, taxed, and regulated. In fact, US regulators have vast power not only over domestic entities but also over any financial firms that need access to dollar markets, as Europe recently learned to its dismay when the US forced European banks to comply with severe restrictions on doing business with Iran.

Related: 'You're trying to help drug dealers': Zuckerberg faces angry lawmakers at Libra hearing

Continue reading...

Fintech News: Partnerships & Earnings

A recent trend in fintech is that everyone that has a tech platform of some kind and has lots of customer data is offering financial services through that platform. It’s nothing new really. Paypal has been lending to its customer base for years. Square has Square Capital for the exact same thing. But the trend ... Read moreFintech News: Partnerships & Earnings

Market Mostly Trades Sideways as Bitcoin Price Hovers Around $8,800

This article was originally posted on Cointelegraph - an independent publication covering cryptocurrency, the blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen [...]

Fintech News: Partnerships & Earnings

A recent trend in fintech is that everyone that has a tech platform of some kind and has lots of customer data is offering financial services through that platform. It’s nothing new really. Paypal has been lending to its customer base for years. Square has Square Capital for the exact same thing. But the trend ... Read moreFintech News: Partnerships & Earnings

All BTC2019 Blogs & Announcements Have Moved

If you've been following along on our C4 blog for all of the #BTC2019 announcements, you can now read all official blog content on Blockchain Training Conference's Medium publication, and on the official BTC website here. We will still keep up our previous posts on the event for you here, but make sure to check out the resources above for new announcements & all you need to know about our upcoming #BTC2019 event in Denver, Colorado August 28-30!