Canadian University Offers Graduate Training in Blockchain Tech

Canadian-based University of British Columbia (UBC) has announced a blockchain and distributed ledger technology training program for master’s and PhD students. UBC...

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Top Exchanges to List Yap Stone, Trading and Snapshot Events to Happen…

Eight of the most notable cryptocurrency exchanges are simultaneously going to list Yap Stone (YAP), the native asset of the Yap Chain Foundation, on Monday, November 4, 2019. To turn on the heat, these exchanges are holding events where users can win some rewards to celebrate this grand listing moment of Yap Stone.

Coinsuper will be having a YAP trading competition beginning at 12:00 (GMT +4) on November 5, 2019, and will conclude at 12:00 (GMT +4) on November 10, 2019. Competitors must have traded at least 15,000 YAP in the entirety of the event. Those belonging to the top 5 will share 10,000 YAP in proportion to their respective trading volume in the combined trading volume of the top 5 contenders.

Those who belong to the top 6 up to the 200 will share 90,000 YAP rewards according to the proportion of their respective trading volume in the total trading volumes of the said bracket. On the other hand, Mongolia-based IDAX will be having a snapshot event, wherein it will take pictures of its users’ YAP holdings daily, beginning from November 5, and will end on November 14, 2019. To qualify for the event, each user must have passed its Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. Also, each must have a minimum of 1,000 YAP on his account.

Those who will satisfy IDAX’s requirements will have their share on the 30,000 YAP reward, with each rewarded based on their YAP holdings. Further information on Yap IDAX Giveaway is available here.

Coinall and DigiFinex also already published the events that will happen on their platform. Along with the said exchanges, 4 more exchanges are also going to list YAP on November 4. These are P2PB2B, Coinbene, BW, and DragonEx. These are notable names in the crypto industry that have proven their integrity and competence.

Yap Chain is a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to turn a smart city into a single mechanism that caters to its users by facilitating smart payments, contracts, voting, MOUs, to name a few, without the interference of any intermediary.

YAP will prove critical to the success of the Yap Chain’s vision, even calling it the “key currency of smart city.” In light of this, Yap Chain Foundation Advisor Perry Ha said that this recent milestone would create a “great opportunity for Yap Chain to become the representative coin of Korea.”

Given that all of these are willing to enlist YAP, with Coinsuper and IDAX even going the distance by holding the aforementioned events, the foundation feels truly honored to serve its users better. But this is just the beginning, there will be more events announced soon.

Official Website:

Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association Press Release Distribution for industry.

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Cobinhood Shuts Down and Freezes Deposits, Citing Audit Probe

The rumors of planning an eventual exit scam were around for some time.

BitFlyer Launches Simple Bitcoin Buying and Selling Service for EU Market

The European arm of Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has launched a bitcoin buying and selling service aimed to be easy to use.

Coincheck Launches Bitcoin Reward Plans for Gas Bill Payments

The plans were launched in the Tokyo Gas Area.

The Repo Market & Bitcoin

The US Repo market has a big liquidity problem. People seem to think this is a good pro-Bitcoin/crypto argument but is it? Let's talk about what's going on and why. This is an important market for the USD to stay stable here and around the world. What is the Repo Market? Repo stands for repurchase ... Read moreThe Repo Market & Bitcoin

Mt. Gox: Dollar withdrawals not suspended, only delayed

Mt. Gox states: U.S. Dollar withdrawals only delayed

Mt. Gox released a statement today regarding the temporary suspension of U.S. dollar withdrawals, there were lots of reactions about the statement they made earlier this week where they stated to stop with U.S. dollar withdrawals completely for the coming 2 weeks. Due to the recent loss of several payment methods this seemed to be related and thus created rumors about not being able to do U.S. Dollar withdrawals at all anymore through Mt. Gox. Luckily this doesn’t seem to be what is really happening.

Large volume of cryptocurrency transactions

As cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular over the last months, the banks that work with the exchanges start to struggle because they have to deal with a great amount of transactions which puts a lot of pressure on their resources. They are working on developing new methods and will deal with the transactions manually the coming 2 weeks, this is what is supposed to cause the delay. Off course also the attention Mt. Gox is receiving should not be underestimated. Media, banks and individuals contact and point to Mt. Gox when speaking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies putting a strain on their resources also.

New trading engine ready, Litecoin soon coming to Mt. Gox?

The good news is that their new trading engine is ready and being tested as we speak. Currently Mt. Gox only exchanges Bitcoin but they have announced that they will support Litecoin transactions as soon as their new trading engine is ready. Since the engine is ready and performing well it could be a matter of weeks before Litecoin comes to Mt. Gox. In their statement they say that they are looking at July for Litecoin Introduction. When Litecoin comes to Mt. Gox it would probably give a significant boost to the Litecoin exchange rate so it might be something worth monitoring over the coming weeks.

Official Mt. Gox statement:

Dear Mt. Gox Customers and Bitcoiners,

The reaction since yesterday’s statement regarding the temporary suspension of U.S. dollar withdrawals has had mixed reactions, and raised more than a few questions about why we had to take this step right now. Rather than be subject to inaccurate speculation we’d like to clarify some points here. Due to pending matters we are unable to get into everything in great detail, though we’d certainly love to and are looking forward to the opportunity.

1) The problem with the U.S. withdrawals (and even other currencies for that matter) is that our bank can no longer handle the volume of withdrawals. They struggled in the last two months, and the increase due to the Dwolla separation has made it increasingly more difficult. The pressure we brought onto the bank’s resources finally gave in, and we are now working with them to find an alternative method (hence the suspension). We would have preferred to give notice if we were able to, but it was sudden for us as well.

2) We are now working with new banks and alternative methods for transmitting money to our customers. This does not mean we are stopping entirely within the next two weeks, but it will be slower than we would like. We are literally going to use our manpower to process withdrawals ourselves, manually. This will take more time, but we are dedicated to doing as many per day as possible. We announced a suspension in order to manage expectations while we deliver at a temporary reduced rate. Our goal is to have a new system set up in the next weeks with clarity for both the banks and for our customers.

3) Our previous release was rather vague, but for a reason. Mainly, we don’t want to upset our bank! They do great work, but our kind of business is completely new to the banking industry. Processing international wires does not just involve pushing a button. It requires real manpower processing everything individually, even in this modern computer age. While Bitcoin’s power lies in its ability to transfer fast and securely through software, the rest of the financial world does not operate like that (contrary to popular opinion). Money is surprisingly analog in many ways, and scarily digital in others.

4) Every customer’s funds are safe, sound, and accounted for. In fact, in our dealings with the Japanese financial regulators we have been assured that we are not under local pressure or suspicion and can operate as usual within normal legal frameworks.

5) Mt. Gox is certainly not a martyr, but it would be hard to argue that we aren’t “taking one for the team” as far as Bitcoin is concerned. We are a big target, and are absorbing the frustrations of Bitcoiners, regulators, banks, and a media that still doesn’t quite understand what Bitcoin is. This is a job we are happy to fill, and not just because we are compensated for it. Our hope is that, once Bitcoin finds its place, we will be able to say that we made a difference in sorting it all out in the early days. New exchanges, business models, merchants, traders, and consumers are rising up to innovate and create a whole new way of doing business. A lot of lawyers are getting new cars in the meantime too.

6) As risky as it is to invoke the name of Litecoin (LTC???), we must apologize for not keeping everyone up to date. The fact is that the current situation means a continued delay, but for good reasons. We’re looking at July right now, though that depends on a few things. Mainly, we want to do things correctly from the beginning.

7) The new trading engine is finished, is smokin’ fast, and is currently undergoing bench tests. We’re looking forward to deploying it very soon.

While not the most in-depth update we’d like to give, we hope that it has at least clarified a few things. In the next few weeks we are planning to do another AMA on Reddit when we’ll hopefully be able to answer many more questions and also shed some light on what’s been going on at Mt. Gox these past months. Thank you for your patience and support.

Source: Mt. Gox Facebook

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Blockchain goes extra-terrestrial 

“Open source is going to outer space!” 



$32m stolen from Tokyo cryptocurrency exchange in latest hack

Bitpoint suspends services after apparent theft of virtual monies including bitcoin

A cryptocurrency exchange in Tokyo has halted services after it lost $32m (£25m) in the latest apparent hack on volatile virtual monies.

Remixpoint, which runs the Bitpoint Japan exchange, discovered that about ¥3.5bn in various digital currencies had gone missing from under its management.

Cryptocurrencies are an alternative way of making payments to cash or credit cards. The technology behind it allows the ‘money’ to be sent directly to others without it having to pass through the banking system. For that reason they are outside the control of governments and are unregulated by financial watchdogs – and transactions can be made in a way that keeps you reasonably pseudonymous.

Related: Donald Trump: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies aren't money

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All BTC2019 Blogs & Announcements Have Moved

If you've been following along on our C4 blog for all of the #BTC2019 announcements, you can now read all official blog content on Blockchain Training Conference's Medium publication, and on the official BTC website here. We will still keep up our previous posts on the event for you here, but make sure to check out the resources above for new announcements & all you need to know about our upcoming #BTC2019 event in Denver, Colorado August 28-30!

ProtonMail: we hodl bitcoins

The Swiss mail service ProtonMail revealed that it does not cash out bitcoins received as payment for its premium services.

Crypto Exchange With 2 Million Users Launches Apps for Apple and Android Devices

A crypto exchange that claims it has amassed more than 2 million registered users in the space of four months has released new apps for Android and Apple smartphones.As well as supporting transactions in...


NXT an ERC-20 token?

I am trying to transfer my NXT tokens from Bittrex to MEW. But I don't see the contract address anywhere to add it as a token in MEW. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.

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Cara Menjadi Pemenang Sejati Judi Baccarat Online

Baccarat jadi salah satu game yang hingga saat ini lumayan diminati sebagian orang. Bagaikan partisipan yang hendak bersaing satu sama lain dalam merebut kemenangan serta keuntungan besar yang senantiasa meningkat tiap hari. Hendak namun, sangat disayangkan bila masih banyak dari mereka ataupun apalagi Kamu sendiri yang kerap menelan kekalahan di tengah jalur. Sebab mengenakan metode main yang salah serta tidak terdapat dalam syarat game yang baik serta benar. Dan lebih gampang dikalahkan lawan dengan kilat.

Tidak bisa dipungkiri bila keberhasilan yang Kamu mau dikala bermain baccarat online lumayan gampang direbut. Apabila para partisipan senantiasa mengenali sebagian metode yang teruji efisien serta efektif buat dapat menang dengan hasil sempurna. Apalagi, sebagian besar dari mereka bagaikan partisipan professional senantiasa mengenakan bermacam berbagai strategi ataupun taktik tersebut. Sebab mendukung keberhasilan mereka serta pula tidak sempat meleset dan dikalahkan lawan dari golongan yang berbeda serta setimpal buat para pendatang baru.

Metode Gampang Menang Baccarat Online
Keberhasilan yang Kamu mau dalam persaingan antar partisipan dikala bermain baccarat pasti saja dapat didapatkan. Apabila senantiasa menguasai serta paham atas seluruh ketentuan game yang berlaku, dan wajib dipatuhi secara seksama. Alasannya, ketentuan utama yang hendak mendukung kemenangan Kamu sepanjang bermain merupakan gimana pola game yang baik serta benar setimpal syarat. Pastinya yang sudah diresmikan serta berlaku buat tiap partisipan yang ikut serta supaya dapat bermain dengan gampang serta pas setimpal target.

Baccarat biasanya dapat dimenangkan dengan gampang apabila Kamu senantiasa bermain dengan daftar judi online terbesar. Cuma dalam menganalisa serta mencermati hasil kesempatan yang timbul dalam tiap putaran. Tidak cuma itu, game ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan casino online sehingga Kamu tidak boleh memasang taruhan dengan asal serta sembarangan. Dan menguasai metode bertaruh dengan baik serta benar sebab hendak senantiasa berikan pengaruh terhadap peluang menang setimpal metode pasang taruhan setimpal ketentuan yang berlaku.

Wujudkan Kemenangan dari Persaingan Baccarat
Kemenangan yang di idamkan tiap partisipan dalam judi baccarat dapat diwujudkan. Apabila senantiasa dapat menghitung atas keberhasilan serta kekalahan yang sudah didapatkan serta pula wajib diakumulasi dengan baik serta benar setimpal perhitungan akurat.

Tidak cuma itu, siasat ini amat berarti buat dicoba sebab hendak mempengaruhi terhadap kemampuan yang dipunyai dalam meja. Pasti saja meja bermain yang Kamu seleksi semenjak putaran dini. Dan jangan sempat menekankan kesempatan menang buat posisi yang sama serta pasti dapat pindah posisi.

Persaingan yang terus menjadi ketat membuat para partisipan wajib senantiasa berupaya buat merebut kemenangan dalam baccarat online. Serta salah satu rahasianya merupakan dengan mencermati metode bermain yang dicoba tiap lawan, tercantum kamu sendiri. Alasannya, tidak mustahil bila dikala game berlangsung kalau terdapat sebagian gestur yang mencurigakan. Apalagi mereka senantiasa mengenakan metode curang yang tidak disadari mau mengalahkan Kamu dikala bermain. Dan perihal ini sangat wajib dianalisa lebih cermat dikala bermain.

Rahasia yang lain yang dapat Kamu jalani buat menang judi baccarat merupakan senantiasa beranggapan terbuka. Serta pula luas dikala hadapi keadaan yang kecil ataupun tidak membolehkan bersaing dengan lawan. Hingga dari itu, tidak terdapat salahnya untuk Kamu buat melaksanakan sistem taruhan lebih nyaman dari umumnya. Dan berikan instruksi bila tingkatkan pemasangan taruhan dengan kemenangan lebih besar. Buat dapat bermain dengan gampang serta hasil keuntungan yang didapatkan lebih kilat dipunyai dari saldo yang dipunyai dikala ini.

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Latest Update:

“According to the local policy in China, we have to stop the trading markets before Oct.30. Your funds are safe. We will provide your more time for withdrawal. To obtain a better services (very fast deposit and withdrawal), we recommend you login to with your current account and transfer funds there.”

About Bter

Bter Exchange is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange that is involved in next generation digital asset. It is started in 2012 and is currently operated by MaxCloud Inc. The company deals in four major crypto markets i.e. BTC, LTC, CNY, and ETH.

The platform uses advanced Blockchain technology for crypto currency transactions. Bter Dev Team powers Bter exchange. We could also view the website in both English and Chinese version.

Features of Bter Exchange

This cryptocurrency exchange allows exchange between the crypto-to crypto trading pair. A user can also trade between crypto to flat currency. The fiat currency acceptable on Bter is Chinese Yuan.

We consider crypto currency to be one of the most revolutionized financial networks. Bitcoins has captured the market of cryptocurrency more than any other digital coin.

This also has a mobile application for a better trading experience. The technology becomes handier. The application is compatible on both Android and iOS device. The application has all the features such as trading, exchange, market analysis tools etc. The user can easily add funds to the Bter account or make deposits and withdrawals easily.

The company provides 24*7 help to all its users. The users can raise tickets if they face any problems regarding trade and exchange.

Crypto exchanges to know about: CryptopiaPoloniex, | Bitsane ,| Bitmarket, Bitshares

Security at Bter

Bter has good Alexa ranking and is among the top Chinese exchanges. This exchange has some exceptional security features for the digital currency. The exchange runs on super secured SSL links. For further login security, the user can enable two-factor authentication.

The user can download the Google authenticator and scan the QR code of Bter. Once, both are synced, 2fa will be enabled on the device. Every time there is a login, a 6-digit code shall go the registered mobile number. This would secure the login from any new user.

The digital or crypto currency is stored in cold wallets so that it can be protected against any cyber crime or eliminates the risk of volatility. It provides public and private API to the developers. The developers could use these API and incorporate them into their own applications.

How to register a new account on Bter?

In order to register a new account here, log on to website. Then click on the tab “Signup”. A user will have to create a username which be could be either letters or alphanumeric. Then a user can create a password, which is unique and between 6-24 characters long. The password cannot contain any numbers.

The user can then enter a valid Email ID and create a fund password. The fund password has to be different from the login password. The user can then click on “I agree to T&C” and “Create account”.

Once the account is created, the user can immediately log in with email ID and password without any email verification. Once the login is successful, the user will have to upload passport as an ID proof.

Buy/Sell -BTER trading

In order to buy or sell at Bter, the user can select the market and desired amount for which he wants to buy. Then click on submit to process the transaction. The trading fee is 0% for all the tiers on this platform.

For any deposit and withdrawals, go the tab “wallet”. The user can then click on the deposit/withdrawal for the desired coin to complete the transaction. For both deposit and withdrawal, there is a minimum amount fixed. Below that the system won’t accept the deposit or any withdrawals. There is no fee for any deposits but withdrawals are chargeable. Thus, Bter is one of the best Chinese exchanges available for trading and exchange.

What do you feel about bTer exchange? Please share your views on our Twitter and Facebook page

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Fintech News: Partnerships & Earnings

A recent trend in fintech is that everyone that has a tech platform of some kind and has lots of customer data is offering financial services through that platform. It’s nothing new really. Paypal has been lending to its customer base for years. Square has Square Capital for the exact same thing. But the trend ... Read moreFintech News: Partnerships & Earnings

Blockchain in Chains: It’s Time To Strip The SEC Of Authority Over Cryptocurrency – and Some SEC Officials Agree!

Before you think this is an extreme view - you should know that members of the US Congress from both political parties, and even some of the SEC's own leadership agree - the SEC, and the regulations for trading securities are both the wrong agency, and wrong laws, to oversee the emerging cryptocurrency space.

Let's look at how we got to where we are now, what's going wrong, and the path we can take to correct it.

The big boom, and the SEC's entry into crypto...

Back in 2017, there was a lot of money flying around, we had a flood of new people rush the market, each wanting their piece of the pie.  Unfortunately, with the masses comes those who target them.

The cryptocurreny world really was the perfect target, people felt they needed to get in quick, and a lot of people had no idea what they were buying.

As the media talked about how rich people who bought Bitcoin years ago are now, scammers were right behind them promising their new coin would be next to follow this path.  The lies went viral, I remember seeing conversations between people online, where literally not 1 person involved knew what they were talking about - it was the blind leading the blind on social networking, and many of the scams were spread from victim to victim because of this.

Then as these various scams began collapsing, the SEC appeared.  Issuing cease and deists, and in some cases pressing charges against company founders.

Things had gotten so bad, even people typically against government involvement could be found cheering on some of the SEC actions.  It's hard to feel bothered by one of these companies being taken down, and at the time the SEC seemed like the lesser of two evils.

But things have changed...

Since then, the crypto world didn't just 'wise up' to scammers - we've become downright paranoid.

Today practically every startup in crypto is considered a scam until they prove otherwise, guilty until proven innocent. This doesn't really bother me, legitimate projects will have no problem proving themselves.

But one thing I know for sure - the scams of 2017 would never get off the ground today.

So, what is the SEC up to now?

Well, you've likely heard the news this week, they're targeting a well known and established tech company, KIK. They have a messaging app under the same name, and in 2017 they launched their own cryptocurrency called "KIN".

The SEC is suing them for $100 million, the amount the company raised.

While the SEC has laid out the case of a company losing money turning to an ICO to stop the bleeding, which they summarized in court documents with:

Faced with a shrinking financial “runway,” Kik decided to “pivot” to an entirely different business and attempt what a board member called a “hail Mary pass”: Kik would offer and sell one trillion digital tokens in return for cash to fund company operations and a speculative new venture.

Well, that sure sounds shady.  That's why initially, I didn't have negative reaction to this news.

Then it hit me - that's total bullshit.

That happened when I read another headline a couple hours later, saying that since becoming a publicly traded company, UBER has just released their first earnings report - a loss of $1 BILLION!

Investing in companies losing money is actually extremely common, and as far as the actual numbers go - Kik is actually on the low end, with an estimated $3 million per month operating cost. Uber loses that in a few days. So does companies like Tesla, which lost nearly $500 million so far this year - and that's an improvement for them over 2018.

In the case of Kik, it's supporters were seen pushing Kik and implementing it into their app as a way to turn things around.  Another very common, thing for a company to do - seek new investors to fund an improvement, that could turn a company losing money into a profitable one.

So what did Kik really do? Sold an "unlicensed security" - and people over estimate how easy it is to earn that label.

If someone from the company leadership implies that their cryptocurrency could go up in value - that's it, you've crossed the line and turned your token into a 'security'.

The SEC is no longer taking down scams for our own good...

What we're really getting is the SEC yelling "leave America, or else" at every company that could be considering implementing tokenized assets.

And they are leaving the country - taking their jobs, and tax dollars with them.

America's loss has been other nation's gain. Governments that have embraced the cryptocurrency and blockchain explosion are reaping massive rewards. 

There's a whole area of Switzerland now being called 'crypto valley' - they found an easy way to give their economy a huge boost - just do what Silicon Valley should have been doing this whole time.

There's hope - if the US Congress would do their job...

Already introduced in Congress by Congressmen Warren Davidson (Republican) and Darren Soto (Democrat) - the Token Taxonomey Act would officially remove the 'security' label from many digital assets.

This does not mean the crypto market becomes the wild west.  Digital assets would be treated as a commodity (like gold or silver) and regulated by the CFTC.

Think of it this way - every scam ICO violated laws beyond being an unregistered security. Lying to investors is fraud, disappearing with their money is fraud and theft - these would still be illegal, and there would still be an agency in charge of preventing this, or punishing those who do it.

Even some of the SEC's own leadership are open to the idea...

In a surprising turn - in a speech from SEC commissioner Hester M. Peirce, he highlighted the Congressman's proposed solution, saying:

"Congress may resolve the ambiguities engendered by Howey by simply requiring that at least some digital assets be treated as a separate asset class. Congressmen Warren Davidson and Darren Soto recently introduced a bill in the House intended to amend the federal securities laws to do just that, provided that the token truly operated in a decentralized network."

So where do things stand? The last update on the bill was following it's official introduction into the Congress, this is typically followed by various committees evaluating it, proposing possible changes/amendments, then it goes up for a vote.

How long this process takes greatly varies, but it's becoming clear that this should be treated as an urgent matter.

What US lawmakers need to understand...
Artificial Intelligence and blockchain own the title of today's 'hottest' emerging technologies, and there's no way to put a number on the long term economic damage caused by one of these fleeing the United States to avoid SEC overreach.

It's years too early to even guess who will be the Apple or Microsoft of blockchain, and release that blockchain powered product that includes implementation of a native token  - but until things change we can be sure it won't be an American based company.

As the reporter who broke the story on the Token Taxonomy Act, I have been informed members of Congress have shared, and even used some of my arguments in it's favor internally.

We will make sure this reaches the offices of those we have contact with already, and with the utmost respect I would like to suggest - research Switzerland's Crypto Valley, and see the results of the government doing things right.

This is the model we should aim to replicate in the United States. 

*Details updated 7/19/19
Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: [email protected] Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

US Crypto Traders - Claim Your $25 BTC...

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Compliance Office/Manager at Huobi Singapore

Key Responsibilities - Develop and maintenance Huobi Singapore’s AML/CFT policies and procedures to meet with both Singapore local requirements and group stands; - Lead PSA license application project, coordinate with business stakeholders and liaison with external consultant, regulators, etc. - Advisory compliance risk for routine business, design appropriate compliance solutions for new services and/or transactions; - Design and maintenance compliance manual for Huobi Singapore; - Monthly compliance management report to Huobi Singapore CEO and Group Compliance, includes updated regulatory requirements applicable to crypto industries, as well as highlight any potential compliance risks; - Provide compliance training to aligned business and promote a compliance culture for Huobi Singapore; - Maintain working relationship as primary contact point with Singapore regulators; - Proactively identify and escalate any compliance issues and weakness to Huobi Singapore CEO and Group Compliance Competency - More than 5 years working experience at financial institutions or law firms designated for financial institution clients; - Legal background is preferred; - Bachelor degree or above; - Interpersonal skills - Willing to take challenge and work under pressure - Flexible working arrangement - Able to start work immediately or on a short notice is preferred

LA’s Top BTC Payment Startup Announces Exciting Feature for Apple pay users

OpenNode, a BTC payment processor announces its plans of testing a new payment solution that will allow its merchants to receive payments in Bitcoins. According to their official announcement, the firm has launched a pilot program to test the feasibility of such a procedure over a few months.

Following this announcement, a renowned capital investor, Tim Draper, took to Twitter to congratulate the OpenNode network. Also, recently, OpenNode made the list of top 50 startups to watch in 2020 collated by Built-in LA on the 21st of January, 2020.

OpenNode’s Solution: Pay In Fiat, Your Merchant Can Receive Bitcoins

With OpenNode, according to their official statement, the reverse of the process above is also possible. OpenNode paves way for a new payment solution in the crypto industry. According to their official announcement, there is an increasing number of merchants who are entirely bullish on bitcoin. Furthermore, they believe in the long-term sustainability of bitcoins and are willing to hold on to much of the top cryptocurrency.

The payment system however, notes that there have been a shift of events from individuals to corporate bodies adopting the use of bitcoins. According to OpenNode, one of the ways these bodies are responding to the use of bitcoin is by accepting it as means of payment. However, the only problem is that many people are not yet using bitcoin for their every purchase. This, fortunately, is one basic reason why OpenNode has partnered with wyre to make such relationships possible.


The Actual Innovation (How It Works)

In an introduction to this new payment solution, OpenNode explains that the new system will allow interoperability between fiat and bitcoins in a single line of payment. In contrast to existing systems which allow you to pay bitcoins to only merchants accepting it, now, users will be able to make payments to all merchants irrespective of their choice of currencies.

Moreover, OpenNode has partnered with Wyre to complement its service for Apple pay users; the latter handles BTC conversion and the deposits into merchants’ digital wallets. Given the current crypto wave, traders who find value in leveraging digital currencies stand to benefit from this collaboration.

The system makes it possible for customers to make fiat payments while their merchants can get the same amount in bitcoins and vice-versa.

“With OpenNode, merchants have the power to accept Bitcoin or dollars via the Apple Pay/debit card integration and choose to hold Bitcoin in full, in part, or not at all.”

Image Source – OpenNode

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Accountant / Finance Manager at HUOBI SG

The role and responsibilities 1. Ability to perform daily work with complexity, including preparation of journal vouchers, closing full set of bookkeeping, prepare monthly and annual financial statements, tax computations, and other tailor-made management reports / financial analysis; 2. Ability to reconcile accounts, identify and clean discrepancy; 3. Assist project manager to prepare accounting manual and internal documentation for clients. 4. Ability to maintain good relationship with daily client contact; 5. Assist project manager on tax planning/financial advisory/compliance engagements. 6. Lead or contribute to due diligence and other transaction advisory engagements in China 7. Participate in activities which are beneficial to the growth and development of the practice 8. Willingness to travel essential Skills and experience - A degree holder and a professional accounting qualification - A minimum of 3 years accounting / audit or finance experience with a major CPA or commercial firm. Candidates with over 4 years relevant experience can be considered as an Assistant Manager - Transaction experience in executing financial or commercial due diligence or any other M&A advisory services would be advantageous - Strong analytical, financial and commercial skills, with a technical accounting focus - Able to demonstrate experience in managing projects and engagement teams - Good written and verbal presentation and communication skills - A team player with high levels of enthusiasm - Proficiency in English, written Chinese is essential - Singaporean / SPR Preferred

Free Privacy-Based Crypto Wallet ‘Lumi Wallet’ Launches ‘WITHDRAW To Credit Card’ Feature…

Now it is possible to withdraw crypto to a credit or debit card in Lumi Wallet and the first transactions come with lowered fees!

There are a couple of crypto wallets that position themselves as all-in-one solutions for cryptocurrency operations. Lumi Wallet, after the latest update, is one of a few to actually withstand those claims, allowing both the purchase and withdrawal of crypto to a credit card.

Why does it matter?

Basically, wallets were developed to make interacting with your crypto assets easy. You hold your currencies, transfer them, exchange them, and that’s it. Such basic functionality is provided by any wallet on the market, but the game changes when fiat-to-crypto transactions come into play.

As more and more users want to easily buy and withdraw crypto to a credit or debit card, it becomes a challenge for wallet developers to provide such functionality:

Firstly, the wallet needs to be technologically developed enough to provide and sustain such functions.

Secondly, it has to receive the credentials and licenses needed to interact with banks and card issuers.

This presents a major obstacle for many wallets.

Fortunately, Lumi Wallet has passed the test of technology and institutional trust and now it is possible to not only buy crypto in-wallet, but also to withdraw it to a credit card in the currency of your choice.

How to exchange crypto to fiat in Lumi Wallet?

The process is quite simple:

First of all, install the iOS/Android app.

After opening an existing wallet or creating a new one, follow these instructions:

Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
Enter your email and check the inbox to verify it.
Fill in card details and confirm Your ID.
Wait for an email to confirm your withdrawal.

That’s it - your crypto is on the way!

The issue with anonymity

Some users might say “But Lumi positions itself as an anonymous wallet, how does it link with KYC verification?”. The answer is that during the process of withdrawing crypto to a credit card, you aren’t sharing any new information with the Lumi application - all the operations connected to the verification process are performed through Simplex externally.

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to avoid this procedure if you want to use your credit card, but partnering with a trusted verification provider, Lumi makes sure that it allows you to still have full comfort of using familiar payment methods without compromising your personal data in-wallet.
Good news for early birds!

And for those who will use the wallet to sell crypto right after the update, Lumi Wallet has prepared a nice offer: for the first couple of weeks there will be no fee from Lumi Wallet’s side, so if you want to make gains - there is no better time!

Stay tuned with Lumi

Lumi Wallet is an actively developing crypto wallet, so we recommend you subscribe to their twitter to never miss an update or giveaway. Also, Lumi’s team writes a lot of useful articles about crypto on their lively blog that is definitely worth checking out if you want to learn more about the crypto space.

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