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Canadian-based University of British Columbia (UBC) has announced a blockchain and distributed ledger technology training program for master’s and PhD students. UBC...

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Ripple Price Prediction: Will Ripple Reach $5 In 2019?


Along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, various other cryptocurrencies are currently trending in the market. Ripple’s XRP is also one among those top 10 cryptocurrencies.

But, now you might be wondering about the right time to invest in Ripple, also if it is worthy to invest in Ripple, and also what will be the impact of investing. Calm down! As Coinpedia is here to answer all your doubts about investing in Ripple.

Definitely it is worthy to invest in Ripple! But why?

  • Currently, 55 billion out of 100 bln XRP coins are in escrow. This means it avoids the decrease in the Ripple price.
  • Ripple aims to establish quick, safe and cheap exchange procedures all over the world.
  • Ripple platform allows only the pre-approved participants to manage a node and verify XRP transactions.

Hence, Ripple accounts to be the fast, secure and versatile payment platform which allows transactions free from government intrusion and bank participation. The exchange fees also stays agreeable with 0.00001 XRP which is nothing in comparison to the cross-border payments.

Ripple Price Today

Currently, Ripple is on the 3rd position with a market capitalization of $ 25.60 B and trading at $ 0.2560 resistance levels.

Ripple Price Fluctuations In The Previous Years

August 2013 was the time when Ripple first entered the crypto market. During that time Ripple was trading at $0.005882 resistance levels. As passed by the Ripple price started trading at higher rated. During March 2018, Ripple was trading at the rate of $0.697269, which was clearly 11,752.28 percent increase.

According to the Ripple price prediction 2017, saw a huge change as the rates reached an unbelievable value. During January 2017, XRP which was worth $0.06 reached to the highest value of $0.4 in May 2017. Also, the cost was around $0.25 in autumn which suddenly raised to $0.8 in December.  The traders also had an experience of XRP reaching to a threshold value of $1.

January 2018 was a good kick start for Ripple as it was trading at $3.33 in the initial stage. But, in no time the price suddenly decreased to $1.89. Furthermore the year 2018 saw huge fluctuations in the price decreasing to even $0.3 by the end of the year. With South Korea and many other countries banning crypto, the total market cap has diminished.

Ripple Price Chart 2019

Ripple Price Prediction 2019

With this volatile market, predicting the price for cryptocurrencies if quite difficult. To get more clear idea on the Ripple price prediction, let’s consider some of the imminent publications and personalities, and their statements regarding the Ripple price prediction:

Roman Guelfi Ripple Price Prediction

Roman Guelfi is one of the respectable crypto enthusiast and expert who believes Ripple will achieve bigger milestones in the year 2019. Explaining further he said, as the market starts observing huge invasion of projects, other cryptocurrencies may take a step back and XRP will sway above all.

Investing Haven Ripple Price Prediction

Investing Haven is a crypto prediction website who believes that 2019 is going to be a flawless year for Ripple. They predict that XRP might reach as high as $20 by 2019 as it believes XRP has the highest potential, amongst all other cryptos.

FXStreet & Ripple Price Prediction

These websites give a moderate prediction saying that XRP has potential and may reach $3-$5 by the end of 2019. This is an assumption based on the fact that Ripple is best Investment opportunity of 2019.

UsLifted Ripple Price Prediction

UsLifted, a crypto prediction website believes XRP would attain newer heights and might reach $22.79 with a circulating supply of 38,739,145,924 XRP by 2020.

Oracle Times Ripple Price Prediction

Recently, in one of their articles, Oracle Times mentioned that they predict that XRP might surge as much as 2000%. They also mentioned it could be possible only if Ripple becomes the best choice for cross-border payments by financial institutions.

According to all of these predictions, majority of the companies are sure Ripple will not reach $10. But, the price $5 is the realistic sum. Eventually, the value $5 will also represent 15x ROI which is actually great.

Our Prediction

Basically, Ripple is known for its technology known as RippleNet. RippleNet is a bank-to-bank payment system where cross-border payments are made instantly, which was able to attain a lot as compared to the previous year.

For the year 2019, the technology aims to expand to many more countries. It also has a target of doubling the market inflows. When 2018 is considered, the market flow value was $2 million and currently Ripple is working on creating double market inflows.

A series of experiments are expected to be implemented in the year 2019. Like institutional money flowing to XRP token, it’s continued and steady growth to reach its unique network effect. Suppose if these advancements are successful, then nothing on earth can stop Ripple from reaching the heights of $2 by the end of 2019.

Recent Updates On Ripple

  • BitPay has entered a partnership with Ripple

Leading digital currency payment processor BitPay has entered an organization with Ripple’s speculation arm Xpring to help installments with XRP. 

The improvement was reported in an Oct. 2 official statement, uncovering that now organizations can acknowledge the third-biggest advanced money XRP for installments by means of BitPay’s cross-fringe installments stage. As a component of the participation, BitPay is additionally incorporating its BitPay Wallet with Xpring’s designer stage.

  • Ripple Acquires Crypto Trading Firm to Expand Into Iceland

Ripple proceeds with acquisitions by announcing the expansion of crypto exchanging firm Algrim into Iceland with its acqui-contract in a blog entry on Sept. 30.

The expansion adds six specialists to Ripple’s positions. This new group will assume a vital job in its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) program. 

As Per the declaration, Iceland will currently fill in as one of the organization’s designing centers, joining London as another European base.

Hence these major developments in Ripple may lead to higher prices in XRP token price. Also, we hope that the Ripple price prediction will go in a positive way.

What is your Ripple price prediction? Do share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Stellar’s Blockchain Briefly Goes Offline, Confirming the Project Lacks Decentralization

Recently, blockchain-powered network Stellar stopped confirming transactions for more than one hour, effectively going offline.Although no money was reportedly lost as a...

Stellar (XLM) Witnesses Buying Interest Despite the Crypto Slump

When a cryptocurrency is made available in important exchanges, then its price usually gets a positive push, and that is what happened with Stellar (XLM) yesterday. Earlier on this week, Coinbase, which is among the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, revealed that it was looking to add many more tokens to its platform.

Yesterday, the company made Stellar Lumens (XLM) available on its platform for Coinbase users in New York. It is a significant development for the token in question, and it goes without saying that the news was welcomed with great optimism by investors. ...

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DevOps Engineer at OpenLaw

OpenLaw is hiring a remote full-time DevOps Engineer.

One of the Social Media Cryptos Will Succeed

Michael Novogratz, founder and CEO of cryptocurrency merchant bank Galaxy Digital, has suggested that one of the crypto assets created by social...

Can You Survive Only on Cryptocurrency? (Yes Because I’m Doing It Now)


One of the first big moves that I’m making over 2018 is to wean myself entirely off fiat and survive completely on Cryptocurrency alone.

That means I want to pay all my bills and cover all expenses entirely from crypto.

Is this possible? Can you really live entirely off of Bitcoin or Ethereum?

The answer is yes.

I’ve been doing this so far the past 3 weeks and it’s working out exactly as I imagined it would (that is, wonderfully)

How Am I Living Full Time on Crypto?

Now, now live on Crypto, you need two things readily available”

  1. A means to convert crypto into fiat
  2. A stash of crypto to live on / or a regular means of acquiring enough crypto to survive on

I have both right now, so this living on bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) is possible for me.

In a future post, I’m going to detail how to live entirely on crypto and some strategies I’m using to do so. For those in a country that’s looking to tax crypto, you’ll also need to worry about crypto and tax (a big grey zone right now). I’ll take about some of those tax implications (and maybe how to legally get around them).

Right now though, I’m using the Centra Crypto Debit Card to convert my crypto into fiat as needed. This makes living on crypto very easy. Now, you still can live on crypto without a crypto debit card, but it would be a lot more inconvenient, requiring regular meetups to trade in Bitcoin for cash by meeting up with local bitcoin traders, using Bitcoin ATMs, or converting to fiat via an exchange.

A working crypto card, like Centra, simplifies the entire process.

I use the card anywhere that accepts MasterCard, just like a regular credit card/debit card.

The process of using the Centra card is easy. I simply send over a crypto asset (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, ZCash, Centra) to the Centra Wallet. I then choose (via the Centra Wallet app on my phone) one of the 8 crypto assets as the default to use.

I then use the card like a regular credit/debit card anywhere that takes credit cards.

Centra converts the crypto on the spot into fiat using the current exchange rates.

If you need cash directly, you can simply hit up an ATM and withdraw cash, cashing out your crypto asset on the spot at the current exchange rate.

It’s beautiful and it works.

So stay tuned as I start blogging regularly about living on crypto.

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BSV Price Analysis: Bitcoin SV Surges 74% Since Last Week

Bitcoin SV, the hard fork of Bitcoin has given quite a shock to the crypto community with BSV price surging by 74.4% in the last 7 days. With a great soar, BSV has surpassed other altcoins like Binance coin, Litecoin to gain 6th position in the list tabulated as per market capitalization.  

BSV Price Analysis:

As of writing, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is currently trading at $205.34 with a 28% price rise. Also, BSV /BTC price is up by 21% at 0.02406878 BTC. The market cap of BSV has increased to $3,704,935,967 USD in last week. 

BSV price

BSV price has been steadily increasing form Jan 11. However, the Bitcoin SV price is still 18% less than its all-time high of $252 in June 2019. 

BSV Technical Price Analysis-

The technical chart of BSV shows a great pump in the coming days. The next resistance is at $220.

  • MACD: The 4-hour Moving average indicator shows the price graph way above the bullish support at level-12. 
  • RSI: The 4-hour RSI Indicator is above the bullish support of level 70 showing a bullish surge in the coming days. 
bitcoin sv price

BSV Soar Over Tulip Trust IIIrd?

On Jan 11, self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright tweeted about a piece of upcoming big news for BSV. Also, there is an update in the long-running Wright-Kleiman case. Craig Wright’s lawyer has submitted Florida courts a series of documents. One of which holds details of tulip trust IIIrd, the holder of 1 million bitcoins. If this is proved to be true, Craig Wright will be declared as Satoshi. 

The news, as expected, created an uproar in the crypto community. Also, Craig has hinted that BSV is the original Bitcoin as per the whitepaper. As a result, BSV has changed many hands in the last few days and its price has soared. 

The crypto community is out there rejoicing. Will their excitement continues or the BSV price will crash and dampen it? Share your views on Facebook and Twitter.

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No More Bitcoin for Nordea Bank Employees, Experts Question the Motive

n Lay attorneys are puzzled by Nordeas BTC ban They are within their rights, but to prohibit every single employee from trading cryptocurrencies ... seems weird.n



Which exchanges allow risk-free, interest-earning lending of coins for U.S. customers?

Poloniex used to allow US customers to earn interest on BTC and other coins by lending them to margin traders. It was virtually risk free because Poloniex would call the margin traders before the lenders could suffer a loss.

Poloniex ended that practice several months ago for US residents. Are there any exchanges where US residents can do something like this?

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How Justified Is the Exuberance Around Apple’s Developer CryptoKit?

Yannick Sierra, security engineering and architecture manager for Apple, opened up the cryptography session at the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and presented the CryptoKit with these words:Welcome to the bitcoin session! (Laughter...


Institutions, Politics, Business and Society

Between May 23 and 26, 2019, the European Union’s citizens are renewing their continental parliament. Among the countries that will participate in...

Fintech & Crypto News in the Enterprise

There was a LOT of news this week in the cryptocurrency and marketplace lending world so this week I'm going to hit on 5 of the more important stories of the week. Many involve enterprise size businesses. Here they are... Binance Hack Binance is the largest crypto exchange out there. They got hacked for $40 ... Read moreFintech & Crypto News in the Enterprise

Analytical Firm Calls Bitcoin ‘King of the Assets Class Hill’

Analytical firm Delphi Digital has called bitcoin (BTC) the “King of the Assets Class Hill” due to the coin’s outperformance in recent...

Best Cardano (ADA) Wallets | Where to Store Cardano in 2019

ADA is the native crypto of the Cardano platform, and it was created to facilitate fast and easy fund transfers. If you are wondering where to store Cardano in 2019, continue reading our list with the best ADA wallets.

Ledger Nano S

ledger Nano

Ledger Nano S is a top hardware wallet that supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, including ADA. Users can easily store, buy, and sell Cardano securely without having to worry about hackers.

The Ledger Nano S has strong security features in place for crypto storage, and it also supports making an instant payment function.

Coins can be accessed by plugging the wallet in a computer via the USB port, and transactions are verified using the OLED screen. You confirm transactions by pressing the two buttons on the side of the device.

The wallet includes two-factor authentication, PIN protection, a 24-word seed for creating private keys, and an extensive list of cryptographic encryptions. The device is compatible with most operating systems and also has a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly access your account details, send funds, and generate receiving addresses.

Trezor Model T

Source: Trezor shop

Trezor is the first hardware wallet to ever be created, and it is also a popular storage solution for Cardano. It has a wide list of supported cryptos, counting thousands of cryptocurrencies.

This small device comes with a mini OLED touch screen that allows you to securely authorise your crypto transactions.

This self-hosted HD wallet keeps your private keys (to which only you have access to) with a 12-word seed or passphrase that is generated randomly by the wallet’s algorithm. A PIN code will also be required when you access the wallet and spend coins.

The Trezor Model T connects to your laptop/computer with a USB cable and interfaces with the Trezor Bridge. After the connection has been established to the bridge, you will be able to manage your ADA through the Trezor chrome extension.

Only Model T supports Cardano ADA, the more affordable Trezor Model One does not.

Trezor Model T must be used in tandem with AdaLite to allow interface interaction with your ADA store on Model T. The feature is only supported by firmware versions that are at least 2.0.8 or higher.

Daedalus Wallet


If you are wondering where to store Cardano on your computer, then Daedalus is the right wallet for you. It is the official ADA wallet launched by the Cardano development team, and it was published as open-source software. The wallet features compatibility for both Windows and macOS systems.

Daedalus runs on top of the Cardano protocol and is a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet. The setup process is simple and straight to the point, so you can quickly transfer ADA and monitor your transaction history.

The wallet does not store any of your keys, which remain on your device protected by advanced cryptography. It also allows users to create Cardano Paper Wallets.

Infinito Wallet

Source: Cryptowisser

Infinito Wallet is a free mobile wallet compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It supports the storage and transfer of a variety of cryptos, such as BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, ERC20 tokens, NEO NEP-5 tokens, as well as ADA.

It features Touch ID support for enhanced security. The wallet does not keep your private keys and passphrases on its servers, instead of storing then on your device, fully encrypted.

The wallet includes a multilingual interface (with 12 languages) and also has the option of sending transaction memos. Infinito is updated regularly to enable fast transactions and prevent any issues.

This multi-currency ADA wallet allows you to store your most-used address so that you can make quick transactions, and it improves record-keeping by having the option of messages with transactions.

Atomic Wallet


Atomic Wallet is a versatile wallet that supports over 300 crypto varieties. The wallet allows you to conveniently manage ADA funds in a safe storage environment.

Atomic is a decentralized, open-source wallet that boasts strong encryption and enables users to have complete control of their private keys. Also, none of the users’ passwords and data ever leave the device.

From our where to store Cardano list, Atomic has the highest compatibility when it comes to operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Linux. The Atomic wallet features a decentralized order book and atomic swap technology, which are based on BitTorrent technology. Through its Changelly and ShapeShift partnerships, ADA owners are able to convert the coin with other cryptos directly from the wallet without requiring accessing an exchange or paying any fees.

The wallet is free to download, but if you buy and store ADA coins using a credit card, you will have to pay a 7% commission and a minimum charge of $10.



AdaLite, formerly known as CardanoLite, is an open-source light interface wallet that can be used with hardware wallets, such as Trezor Model T, Ledger wallet S, and Ledger Wallet X. AdaLite was designed by Vacuumlabs, so as to offer protection to Cardano users from any kind of online attacks and to also give them a more user-friendly interface.

The wallet facilitates direct interaction with the Cardano blockchain, so it is just like using a hardware wallet where you can store your ADA in a safe and secure manner.

AdaLite does not require any registrations or installations, as you only need to go to URL to access the wallet.

Upon each AdaLite wallet creation, a 12-word mnemonic phrase is generated. The wallet doesn’t keep any of your data or back-up of your funds on their servers.

Yoroi Wallet

Source: medium

Yoroi is an ADA-only lightweight wallet that was developed by Emurgo to facilitate instant transfer of Cardano coins. This free wallet comes with a clean and aesthetically designed user interface, which allows you to easily navigate your Cardano funds.

As the wallet is light, you will not have to go through the process of waiting for the entire blockchain to be downloaded and installed. Users are able to send and receive ADA coins instantly.

The code of Yoroi is open source, and first-rate code is used to avert intrusion of secret algorithms. All private keys are stored on the user’s device and never disclosed with third parties. Yoroi is available as a Chrome extension, as well as iOS and Android apps.


With this, we conclude our list with the best ADA wallets, which provide you with great storage options. Now, you certainly have an idea of where to store Cardano securely.

Featured image: Switchchain


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All BTC2019 Blogs & Announcements Have Moved

If you've been following along on our C4 blog for all of the #BTC2019 announcements, you can now read all official blog content on Blockchain Training Conference's Medium publication, and on the official BTC website here. We will still keep up our previous posts on the event for you here, but make sure to check out the resources above for new announcements & all you need to know about our upcoming #BTC2019 event in Denver, Colorado August 28-30!

The crypto rich find security in Anchorage

Not the city, the $57 million-funded cryptocurrency custodian startup. When someone wants to keep safe tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins, they put them in Anchorage’s vault. And now they can trade straight from custody so they never have to worry about getting robbed mid-transaction.

With backing from Visa, Andreessen Horowitz and Blockchain Capital, Anchorage has emerged as the darling of the cryptocurrency security startup scene. Today it’s flexing its muscle and war chest by announcing its first acquisition, crypto risk modeling company Merkle Data.

Anchorage Founders

Anchorage has already integrated Merkle’s technology and team to power today’s launch of its new trading feature. It eliminates the need for big crypto owners to manually move assets in and out of custody to buy or sell, or to set up their own in-house trading. Instead of grabbing some undisclosed spread between the spot price and the price Anchorage quotes its clients, it charges a transparent per transaction fee of a tenth of a percent.

It’s stressful enough trading around digital fortunes. Anchorage gives institutions and token moguls peace of mind throughout the process while letting them stake and vote while their riches are in custody. Anchorage CEO Nathan McCauley tells me, “Our clients want to be able to fund a bank account with USD and have it seamlessly converted into crypto, securely held in their custody accounts. Shockingly, that’s not yet the norm — but we’re changing that.”

Buy and sell safely

Founded in 2017 by leaders behind Docker and Square, Anchorage’s core business is its omnimetric security system that takes out of the equation passwords that can be lost or stolen. Instead, it uses humans and AI to review scans of your biometrics, nearby networks and other data for identity confirmation. Then it requires consensus approval for transactions from a set of trusted managers you’ve whitelisted.

With Anchorage Trading, the startup promises efficient order routing, transparent pricing and multi-venue liquidity from OTC desks, exchanges and market makers. “Because trading and custody are directly integrated, we’re able to buy and sell crypto from custody, without having to make risky external transfers or deal with multiple accounts from different providers,” says Bart Stephens, founder and managing partner of Blockchain Capital.

Trading isn’t Anchorage’s primary business, so it doesn’t have to squeeze clients on their transactions, and can instead try to keep them happy for the long-term. That also sets up Anchorage to be a foundational part of the cryptocurrency stack. It wouldn’t disclose the terms of the Merkle Data acquisition, but the Pantera Capital-backed company brings quantitative analysts to Anchorage to keep its trading safe and smart.

“Unlike most traditional financial assets, crypto assets are bearer assets: In order to do anything with them, you need to hold the underlying private keys. This means crypto custodians like Anchorage must play a much larger role than custodians do in traditional finance,” says McCauley. “Services like trading, settlement, posting collateral, lending and all other financial activities surrounding the assets rely on the custodian’s involvement, and in our view are best performed by the custodian directly.”

Anchorage will be competing with Coinbase, which offers integrated custody and institutional brokerage through its agency-only OTC desk. Fidelity Digital Assets combines trading and brokerage, but for Bitcoin only. BitGo offers brokerage from custody through a partnership with Genesis Global Trading. But Anchorage hopes its experience handling huge sums, clear pricing and credentials like membership in Facebook’s Libra Association will win it clients.

McCauley says the biggest threat to Anchorage isn’t competitors, though, but hazy regulation. Anchorage is building a core piece of the blockchain economy’s infrastructure. But for the biggest financial institutions to be comfortable getting involved, lawmakers need to make it clear what’s legal.

Research: Ethereum remains most popular blockchain for dApps

The Ethereum blockchain ecosystem continued to dominate the decentralized app market in 2019. Ethereum, TRON, and EOS showed the most significant dApps growth.

Choline Review (UPDATED 2020) – Is It Safe?

Table of Contents 1. Choline Overview 2. Choline Claims 3. Choline Ingredients 4. The Science... more »

The post Choline Review (UPDATED 2020) – Is It Safe? appeared first on VKOOL Reviews: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Finance, Lifestyle and Health Reviews By Brown.

Marketing Project Manager (Remote) at Bitfinex

Marketing Project Manager (Remote) Job description Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. We're on a mission to create, not only the most innovative cryptocurrencies exchange but also new innovative products based on blockchain technology. This is a unique opportunity, a rare window of time at the tipping point of the financial evolution. Much like the early days of the internet, blockchain technology faces complex new challenges and having the best team plays a pivotal role in success. Our team is fully remote and globally distributed to capture the best talent from around the world. So far our company has grown fast and stayed lean to secure its place as a leader in the space. If you get excited about being in an industry that is breaking new ground and have confidence you can conquer the most challenging feats we'll encounter, we want to talk to you. Join us, and help lay the foundation for a decentralized future Currently looking for: Marketing Project Manager (Remote) ​Job description - Point of contact for Project Managers and keep them informed of marketing developments - Marketing strategy planning for pre/post-launch of a product/feature - Manage Marketing tasks in Asana, keeping track of the development and deadlines - Create Marketing content for PR and Social Media, as well as reviewing all the content created by the Marketing Team, making sure that reflects what we want to communicate Requirements - BA/BS or equivalent working experience - Experience creating content for the web and growing a social audience - Editorial mindset that seeks to understand what audiences consume and how to create it - Ability to analyze and report on content and social performance - Experience with Google analytics and the top social channels - Project management skills and understanding how to manage the priorities of multiple stakeholders in a complex environment and focus on the delivery of results in the form of engagement, leads and sales - English language native level - marketing experience: familiar with marketing procedures and being able to create a strategy - working in a European timezone good knowledge of the crypto space and being able to understand its dynamics - at least basic financial background

Discover a Detailed Review on Bitcoin Era Pro Software

Bitcoin Era Pro is a trading software that uses high-level programming analytical tools to assist users in making good profits from cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin Era Pro has brought a whole new Era in the cryptocurrency software market. It is one of the best cryptocurrency trading software with a very high success rate. Industry experts and Bitcoin traders have asked many questions about the authenticity of the Bitcoin Era Pro software.

How legit is the Bitcoin Era Pro software?

To find the authenticity of the Bitcoin Era Pro software, a thorough assessment of the software was done, and each feature was carefully analyzed. Users’ reports and testimonies were also helpful to determine the authenticity of the software. After scrutinizing all the criteria used as an index for determining the authenticity of the Bitcoin Era Pro software, we can say that this software is not a scam. It is a legit software that has helped many cryptocurrency traders over the world to make good money and enjoy financial freedom.

Users have testified about how the software has been instrumental in helping them to attain financial independence. The features are distinctive and expertly designed to optimize the efficiency and reliability of the Bitcoin Era Pro software.

How possible is it to earn profits on the Bitcoin Era Pro platform?

According to verifiable research, it may be possible to earn up to $1,300 daily by trading on the Bitcoin Era Pro platform. However,
your investment capital determines your profit level. The minimum investment deposit on the Bitcoin Era Pro platform is $250. Users who invest $250 may earn lower than traders who invest above that amount. We, however, strongly advise traders on the Bitcoin Era Pro platform to start trading with the minimum trading deposit of $250. As time goes on, you may increase your trading capital after being more familiar with the platform.

How does the trading robot of the Bitcoin Era Pro software work?

The Bitcoin Era Pro software is high tech and sophisticated software. The software trading robot uses market data and industry trends to analyze the market potential of cryptocurrencies. When there is a high possibility of making profits, the trading bot alerts a user to grant permission to trade. Additionally, it links users to experienced brokers in the cryptocurrency market who also analyze the profit potential of each trade before trading is carried out. The Bitcoin Era Pro software is known to have a 99.4% accuracy level with a speed of 0.01 seconds. 

How long does it take to withdraw earnings from the Bitcoin Era Pro Platform?

The Bitcoin Era Pro withdrawal process is easy and fast. It may take a period of 24 hrs for a withdrawal to be paid after request. This withdrawal process is quite short and fast when compared with withdrawal on some other platforms. There are no additional charges for withdrawal. Many users have testified that their earnings were promptly and accurately paid.

Can you trust the System with your deposit?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. You may trust the Bitcoin Era Pro software with your minimum deposit of $250. The Demo Trading feature of the Bitcoin Era Pro software, allows you to carry out trading without risking your minimum deposit of $250.  What this simply means is that Demo trading gives you a feel of how the live trading would be like, but this time, you may be using a virtual currency.

What does it cost to open a Bitcoin Era Pro account?

We have earlier stated that the Bitcoin Era Pro software is free and does not require you to pay any fee. The only money you are to pay is your deposit, which is what you will use for trading. 


Bitcoin Era Pro has opened a whole new chapter when it comes to cryptocurrency trading on a software. It is reliable and may be trusted to give you positive trading outcomes.

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North Korea’s 2nd Annual Crypto Conference is Almost Here… And You Better NOT Be There!

Editors Note: The UN has issued warnings against attending an upcoming cryptocurrency conference in North Korea, claiming that to do so would be in violation of sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom.

Last year, Ethereum Foundation developer Virgil Griffith found out just how serious these warnings should be taken.  He was charged with allegedly violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act for attending the conference and giving an educational presentation on blockchain tech.

To be honest, the US government may be right here.  While we believe Virgil had nothing but good intentions, when you go to "teach blockchain and cryptocurrency" in a country where it's citizens are forbidden to use it - you're teaching the government and military.

We hope everything is taken into account, and the US government realizes Virgil was blinded by passion for the tech, excited to be able to spread the word anywhere, and simply didn't evaluate the circumstances as much as he should have.

This year's NK conference takes place Feb 22nd in Pyongyang.

Video courtesy of RT

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