Canadian University Offers Graduate Training in Blockchain Tech

Canadian-based University of British Columbia (UBC) has announced a blockchain and distributed ledger technology training program for master’s and PhD students. UBC...

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Ellipal’s Titan Hardware Wallet Is Airgapped and Easy to Use

There’s a lot of hardware wallets out there vying for your hard-earned satoshis. Minimalist USB sticks; credit card-shaped devices with monochrome screens; Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. The Ellipal Titan is a new offering that packs a lot into its $169 price tag. But there’s one thing conspicuously absent – connectivity. The Titan inhabits a vacuum, and for good reason.

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Titan: A Blockbuster You Can Hold in Your Hand

When it comes to naming security devices, effeminate monikers aren’t in vogue for some reason. The Ellipal Titan maintains that tradition, its robust design complemented by a fittingly alpha name. Its preferred pronoun is “it” and it identifies as an ultra-secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Ellipal’s Titan Hardware Wallet Is Airgapped and Easy to Use

Essentially an upgrade on “The Cold Wallet 2.0,” which reviewed last year, the Titan comes packing a host of formidable security features. Its airgapped configuration is the most obvious manifestation of this, but there’s also the ability to set up to three verification steps including a long PIN. The absence of any connections – not even wired – entirely mitigates network attacks. That’s not to say the Titan is impregnable of course, for no hardware wallet is immune to every conceivable attack, physical ones especially. Keep the Titan in a safe place, however, and your mnemonic phrase in a safer place still and your crypto won’t be going anywhere without your say-so.

Ellipal’s Titan Hardware Wallet Is Airgapped and Easy to Use

There’s a lettering kit included for permanently recording your mnemonic phrase and sliding it into the metallic case supplied. I skip this step, but note that the letters look tougher than with the previous Ellipal hardware wallet I reviewed.

Hands on With the Titan

The handset on which the Titan’s wallet keys are generated – essentially a dumb smartphone – is a lot more robust than its plastic predecessor, The Cold Wallet 2.0. The Titan lives up to its billing, feeling distinctly tougher, despite being finished in black plastic with a slate bezel. The device feels heavy enough to convey confidence that it will last, but not to the point of requiring two hands to support.

Ellipal’s Titan Hardware Wallet Is Airgapped and Easy to Use

Because of its airgapped and cableless design, charging the Titan calls for plugging in a small connector which takes a USB type-C cable. The connector is easily dislodged from the handset, which is a minor annoyance, but if you lay the device down flat on a worktop, it will charge just fine. Once you get used to the light touch connection, it feels natural, despite obliging you to charge the Titan in a place where it won’t be inadvertently nudged.

Setup and Installation

After scanning the QR code on the handset using my smartphone, I’m directed to the Google Play store to install the corresponding Ellipal app. Then the setup process continues on the Titan handset, where I’m given the option of selecting a standard or Segwit BTC address and enabling an optional passphrase. The account creation process takes about 30 seconds before the mnemonic appears on screen. There’s a 12-word seed by default, but this can be upped to 24 words if desired. It feels good to be creating a wallet on a device that is entirely isolated from the web. Until you send or receive cryptocurrency to the BTC address that’s generated, the rest of the world has no way of knowing that your public-private keypair even exists.

The Titan supports more than a dozen cryptocurrencies including BCH, ETH, DASH, XRP, EOS, and BNB. I disable them all except for BTC, BCH, and ETH. I now have the Titan handset configured and the Ellipal app installed on my phone. The next step is to get them talking to one another. This is done by scanning two QR codes that are displayed on the handset. You can alternate between the two codes by swiping across the screen, Tinder-style, which is a nice touch. Ellipal have put a lot of work into improving their software since their last airgapped hardware wallet, and it’s been time well spent.

Ellipal’s Titan Hardware Wallet Is Airgapped and Easy to Use
The Ellipal mobile app

Sending and Receiving Crypto

I have some cryptocurrency in Telegram bot Button Wallet, I recall, which on inspection turns out to be $26 of BCH and $5 of ETH. (If you don’t already have cryptocurrency kicking about, you can purchase bitcoin cash and other major cryptocurrencies at using a credit card.) I send all of the ETH and a couple of dollars of BCH to the Titan, and within a few minutes my Ellipal wallet’s loaded with cryptocurrency. Now to try sending coins, which is where the airgapped handset comes into play. All outgoing transactions have to be signed using the QR code that’s generated on the Titan and then scanned using the mobile app.

When reviewing The Cold Wallet 2.0, I found this stage to be a bit fiddly, with the scanner taking a few attempts to read the code. There are no such problems with the Titan: the whole process can be completed in under 20 seconds once you’ve entered your password. I send the bitcoin cash back to Button Wallet, and within a few minutes receive a Telegram notification that my wallet’s been refilled. The ability to send small amounts of BCH at virtually no cost is extremely useful when testing wallets or when introducing people to cryptocurrency. I’ll happily hodl BTC, but for review purposes, BCH has the edge.

Verdict: Airgapped Wallets Are the Way Forward

The Titan isn’t the only airgapped wallet on the market, but compared to something like Coldcard it’s one of the most user-friendly. The software and UX still aren’t as slick as, say, Ledger Live, and some of the tabs and translations in the Ellipal mobile app could use work, but these are minor issues. What matters is that in the Titan, there’s a multi-currency hardware wallet that strikes a balance between security and usability. Fairly priced and well made, the Titan is a force to be reckoned with.

What are your thoughts on airgapped hardware wallets – are they more secure? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship of any products, services, or companies. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Neither the company nor the author is responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in this article.

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Did Binance Vote Themselves in using the exchange’s TRX holding?

A day after announcing support for Tron (TRX) staking service, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted trading volumes, has become the No.1 Super Representative according to data from Tron Scan. 

The Binance staking wallet has 12,067,540,843 votes, translating to 59% of all the casted votes, way ahead of the next competitor, Sesameseed, which has a mere 2.5% of all the Tron Power cast.

Tron, a smart contracting platform and Ethereum’s competitor, deployed a dPoS consensus algorithm on launch meaning their architecture necessitates willing TRX holders to vote every 6 hours for their preferred Super Representatives (SRs) or Super Nodes. 

SRs are tasked with securing the network, confirming transactions and fulfilling other governing functions that keep the network fast, decentralized and open. Currently, there are 216 Candidates out of which the top 27 are voted in as Super Representatives, earning rewards for their participation. In total, there will be 168,192,000 TRX every year split to 127 candidates out of which 336,384,000 TRX will be awarded annually to 27 Super Representatives.

Binance votes for itself?

While it is an interesting development that Binance is involved in and has actually asserted itself as the dominant super representative, there are lingering concerns that the exchange did vote itself in, further calling into question the motive of Binance involvement. 

There are legitimate concerns that Binance is acting on their interest rather than for the benefit of the Tron ecosystem. A check into the number of votes, apparently expected to be broad-based and distributed, revealed that voting was actually concentrated with a majority stemming from the exchange. The staking address, at the time of writing, has 14,423,683,189.317902 TRX, translating to over $203 million, generated from 230 transfers stored in the exchange’s cold storage. 

Critics are now arguing that Binance’s announcement, despite beneficial for TRX holders willing to stake their stash, is only but a few days after Tron, through their controversial co-founder Justin Sun, proposed a new reward distribution model for Super Representatives. The new proposal would see rewards weighted depending on casted votes and block rewards halved to 16 TRX for every block generated after three seconds. 

If this proposal is approved, then Binance, which has so far amassed 59 percent of the Tron Power votes will be a major benefactor, infuriating other Super Representatives who will have to contend with low rewards. Although there is no evidence of collusion between Justin Sun and Changpeng Zhao, the two Chinese businessmen are close buddies and ultimately, the proposal and the timeliness of Binance’s announcement would fuel the fire for yet more discontent towards Tron.

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Could the Bitcoin Price Possibly Break $50,000? The Bulls Say “Yes”

Bitcoin Price Surge
Even the most bearish on Bitcoin (BTC) must have known that it would make some manner of recovery.

Following its devastating fall in 2018, Bitcoin is beginning to mount a comeback, more than doubling its value since its lowest point in late 2018. But just how high can the Bitcoin price climb? To some, that number is $50,000.

Some traders believe that the cryptocurrency can soar to this new all-time high, and are betting a lot of money on it in certain corners of the Internet. (Source: "Could Bitcoin Hit $50,000? In Wild.

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Why Decentralized Exchange Protocols Matter

In this episode featuring Fred Ehrsam , Co-Founder of Coinbase, you’ll learn:

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Telegram launches contest for smart contract developers

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Rodan and Fields Review : A Complete Guide on Rodan and Fields Business Plan

Yesterday, we had a small get together wherein one of my friend came up explaining to me about Rodan & Fields that mainly offers beauty care products.

Speaking to him, I realized that I need to do proper research about this company before I buy any of their products.

Do you wanna know what I found? Then come let take a rid about the Rodan & Fields review…

What Is Rodan and Fields?

The brain child of two dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, is the skincare company Rodan and Fields. The company came into existence in the year 1984. The company’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, Rodan + Fields also operates in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Rodan and Fields is a well-known skincare company claiming life-changing results. In 2017, the company had more than 300,000 independent consultants reporting sales in at least one month.

Domain Information


Registrar: SafeNames Ltd.

Registered On: 1998-12-08

Expires On: 2020-12-07

Updated On: 2019-01-01

City: San Francisco

State: CA

Country: US

Rodan and Fields Products

Rodan and Fields include a wide variety of skincare products designed to deliver in the right order to produce healthy skin. The products are used for sun damage, wrinkles, acne, and irritated skin. Moreover, there are no toxic chemicals, with fragrance-free products.

Additionally, the products include Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, body lotion and Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. Moreover, there’s also a small line of Dermacosmetics, which is makeup with skin-repairing ingredients.

The current product range consists of six groups:

  • Redefine: These products aims to reduce the signs of aging and give
    firmer, smoother skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Reverse: These products deal with visibly dull, uneven skin tone and areas of dark pigmentation. 
  • Unblemish: The company describes them as “a complete solution that tackles the acne process—from clogged pores to excess oil, and to preventing new blemishes from surfacing“.
  • Soothe: They target people with sensitive and/or irritated skin. They help release dullness and visible redness. they also include shaving range for men.
  • Essentials: They’re a range of everyday skincare ranging involving lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizer and Vitamin D supplement
  • Enhancements: An eyelash boost, hydration serum and micro-dermabrasion paste are some of the products of this category.

Rodan and Fields Business Plan

Basically, to join Rodan + Fields’ business plan, you need to purchase a business package of worth $45. Within this package, independent distributors will get their own customized website and access to a consultant area that includes training materials, business tools, and product information. Moreover, there is a $25 renewal fee that must be paid every year in order to remain active.

Furthermore, the company also offers 2 higher-tier business kits which are worth at $695 and $995.

Rodan and Fields Provide Different Ways to Earn.

  1. Retail Profit – This is an old way of selling the companies products and you making a commission for it.
  2. Consultant Commissions – you can earn from sales to direct enrollees and their downline make.
  3. Personal Team Commissions – These commissions are earned from the sales that are received from direct enrollees and their downline make.
  4. Generation Commissions – The entire teams earn these commissions.
  5. Performance Bonuses – Once you hit the target that the company has structured, you can earn bonus commissions.

Here, independent distributors can earn up to 10-25% commissions on product sales with a hybrid compensation plan. Additionally, distributors can earn 15% commissions on a referral system, with 5% extra commissions on revenue generated down to the fifth generation in their downline. Other incentives include exotic trips, fast start bonuses and many more.

Basically, preferred company customers are qualified to receive up to 10% off product purchases with free shipping through the PC Perks program. However, to become a preferred customer, the company charges a one-time enrollment fee of $19.95 and requires the first product purchase to be worth at least $80.

Final Verdict

Rodan and Fields offer you the best skin results. However, most products include effective and safe ingredients so you can be sure no side effects will face you at any given moment.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the Rodan and Fields reviews and the in-depth overview of what the Business plan is all about.

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What is your opinion on Rodan and Fields review? Share your thoughts in our comments section. Share your views on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, read the reviews of some more earning sites.

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After Rise in Crypto Hedge Fund Managers, Hong Kong Looks to Regulate

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong has officially released regulations for crypto hedge fund managers. 

The SFC released a comprehensive 37-page document titled, “Proforma Terms and Conditions for Licensed Corporations which Manage Portfolios that Invest in Virtual Assets,” which outlined new rules for crypto hedge funds. 

The document comes after ACT reported on the increase in Chinese and other investors in Asia turning to crypto hedge fund managing companies, some of which were in Hong Kong. The companies in Hong Kong had previously spoken of the regulatory issues and red tape when setting up. Perhaps it could get even more difficult with these new regulations. So, what have the new regulations set out?

The new regulations

Crypto hedge funds are required to have liquid capital at the amount of 3 million Hong Kong dollars ($383,000). They are required to always have sufficient personnel and other resources to keep themselves afloat, as well as adhering to anti-money laundering compliance. 

They will also require an independent custodian. This is to also ensure the safety of funds. Assets should be segregated with fund assets different from their own. Should a company get fiat funds for investment, they need to set up a separate account for the funds in a Hong Kong-based bank. 

Any arrangements must be seen under the criteria and include, according to Coin Telegraph, “hardware and software infrastructure, security controls over a key generation, storage, management and transaction as well as the process of handling blockchain forks, the agency stated.”

This report follows the SFC version on the security token offerings, giving guidance in this field. Hong Kong is clearly warming to the crypto community much like other Asian nations, with its regulatory entities giving clear guidance.

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Monthly Roast my portfolio – October 10, 2019

Say hello to the Monthly Roast my portfolio.

As the name suggest you can discuss portfolios, as long it follows Rule 1, 2, 3 and 4. Yes, in this thread you can forget Rule 5, so shill and talk TA.

Furthermore: Please use the Roast my portfolio for rate my portfolio, shill me your coins, what to buy and/or roast my portfolio posts.

Please note:

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Mastercard, eBay and Stripe Say Goodbye to Facebook Libra

The news comes shortly after PayPal has withdrawn from the 28-member group earlier this week.

Bitwise ETF Rejected in 122 Page Order

The SEC rejected the Bitwise ETF. This is par for course. However, they also took the opportunity to write a 122 order on the matter.

Another Bitcoin ETF being rejected isn’t too exciting, but the 122 page order gives a lengthy insight into the minds of the SEC.

In that sense, it may be worth taking a look at the 122 page “Order Disapproving a Proposed Rule Change, as Modified by Amendment No. 1, Relating to the Listing and Trading of Shares of the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Trust Under NYSE Arca Rule 8.201-E.”

If not, at least read Bitwise’s TLDR on it:

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This Week in Crypto: Ripple Injects XRP Ecosystem, Dallas Mavericks & Bitcoin, Bakkt On Its Way

This Week In Crypto is a weekly segment from the Live Coin Watch News team, providing readers with a fun, succinct, and pertinent summary of the most important Bitcoin-related events in the past seven days. 

This Week in Crypto

  • Bakkt Cleared by CFTC, Will Launch Bitcoin Futures in September: That’s right folks, Bakkt is finally ready to (fully) launch its Bitcoin futures contract to the world. Announced via a surprising blog post on Friday, the cryptocurrency exchange, which has been backed by players like the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft Ventures, and Starbucks, has received NYDFS and CFTC — the two financial regulators involved in such cryptocurrency vehicles — clearance to offer its physically-deliverable Bitcoin futures to clients. The prominent startup is eyeing a September 23rd launch date. This announcement may do much for the growth of the space.  Fundstrat Global Advisors claims that there is “institutional anticipation” for the product. Sam Doctor of the research firm added in a note that there “appears to be a critical mass of adopters ready to come on board on Day 1 of the Bakkt launch”, noting that the firm’s sales team is starting to ramp up discussions with everyone from brokers and market makers.
  • IRS Continues Crypto Crackdown… And It’s Not Done Yet: The Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. has continued its crackdown on American crypto investors, recently issuing yet another round of letters. The letters, according to CoinDesk, were sent to those that the IRS believes are skirting taxes on cryptocurrency trades. This comes shortly after the tax agency sent a preliminary warning to thousands of Coinbase users. A slide deck leaked on Twitter suggested that the IRS is likely to only expand its cryptocurrency-related collection efforts.
  • Coinbase Picks up Xapo’s Institutional Custody Division: According to Fortune, Coinbase has acquired Xapo’s institutional custody business. for $55 million, outbidding Wall Street’s Fidelity Investments It isn’t clear if any of Xapo’s employees or executives will be jumping ship. But, it has been confirmed by a source that a “majority of Xapo’s largest clients” will be transferring their assets to Coinbase’s custody unit, which now owns over 514,000 BTC — wow. It is important to note that with this deal, Xapo isn’t leaving the crypto custodian business. Far from, in fact. Speaking with Fortune, Casares has stated that it will still have control over its famous Swiss vault, which he claims will be used to store Bitcoin on behalf of Xapo’s retail clients.
  • Binance US
  • Ripple Injects Millions Worth of Crypto XRP Into xPring Ecosystem: The Ripple-backed accelerator Xpring has granted Coil, a web monetization platform, a one billion XRP grant. Coil will purportedly use these funds to help the platform spawn an ecosystem of people to use the platform.
  • UK Advertising Authority Lambasts Bitcoin Exchange BitMEX: The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently began a campaign against popular Bitcoin exchange BitMEX. The point of contention is an ad that BitMEX pushed to The Times in January of this year, which included a chart of the Bitcoin price over time. The watchdog believes that the company didn’t properly use a logarithmic graph. Bizarre, right?
  • Huge — Dallas Mavericks to Accept Bitcoin Through BitPay: Despite the fact that it may be just a PR stunt, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, owned by Mark Cuban, will now be accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for game tickets and merchandise. Announced via a press release on August 13th, the Dallas Mavericks has become the second team in the NBA to directly accept Bitcoin. Per the release and tweets posted by those involved in this sudden move, BitPay will be the payment processor in this move. The Mavericks is the second Bitcoin-friendly NBA team. The first NBA adopter of the cryptocurrency is the Sacramento Kings, who famously began to accept Bitcoin for certain products, including tickets, back in 2014.
  • South Korean Social Media Giant Kakao to Launch Crypto Wallet: Pro-blockchain social media giant Kakao, which is the firm behind South Korea’s most used messaging application, will be launching a crypto wallet later this year. This project has been hinted at for months. It is currently unclear what the wallet, dubbed “Klip”, will do and what crypto assets it will support.
  • New Zealand Legalizes Bitcoin Salaries: New Zealand cryptocurrency industry members are now legally allowed to be paid in digital assets, with certain restrictions. You (especially if you’re someone involved in the industry) might be asking, “why does this need to be legalized/clarified?” Well, according to the new New Zealand Inland Revenue Department bulletin, it will allow companies to deduct income taxes using the current pay as you earn framework.

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SEC Hits Back at Telegram $1.7B ICO Despite Exemption Claims

Since the ICO excluded retail investors, Telegram claims an exemption from US registration requirements.